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Shurato’s Heavenly Sphere Anime Telnet BBS Looking for an easy to navigate non-stock system? Here’s your chance! EleBBS Win/32 Running 20130208.d Binaries 20 Nodes. SSH, Telnet, FTP, NNTP, HTTPS. Around 100 Door Games, including but not limited to: Local Games: Shadow Board, Leech, Virtual Sysop, BBS Simulator, Hack ‘n Attack, Usurper, Door MUD, Dungeon Master, […]

Lots of registered doors, Game Portal access, TradeWars Game Server, Yankee Trader Game Server, Door Party, BBSLink, BCR.  No personal info at sign-up, just alias and password. If you wish to participate in networked message areas you don’t need to enter your real name, but please make your alias sound at least close to a […]

SPOT BBS is back after 30 years off line! Originally an OPUS system running on a Columbia VP-1600 hotrodded with a V40 processor, high memory RAM disk, a monstrous 20MB Hard Drive and a Courier 9600 HST Modem, the modern SPOT is on a MintBox Linux Mint 20.1 fanless PC running Mystic v1.12. Access is […]

Star Collision BBS was a RemoteAccess BBS founded in the summer of 1993, mainly focusing on text files, DOS utilities and FidoNet echomail conferences. A dedicated phone line was installed on January 10, 1994. After being a FidoNet point (2:206/120.6) for some time, the BBS became a FidoNet node (2:206/137) on August 4, 1995 and […]