Ballon BBS

I have been in Japan for a long time.
Therefore, my talk partner is only Japanese people and I do not speak in English very often.
On the other hand, my English communication at SNS has increased.
I opened a BBS to strengthen my English.

By the way … Do you like balloons?

Bottomless Abyss BBS

See for up to date information.
Account can be created securely from the website.

* Many networks and doors
* Great focus on privacy
* BBS home of Hackfest, Defcon613 and The StarGate Complex CTF challenge
* Free access but manual account validation required
* Serious users only
* No need to provide real info but if you choose to provide a fake id, please be creative.

Grex, public access Unix system featuring computer conferencing system, Internet access, tons of installed utilities, compilers, language interpreters and more! Get a real shell account!

Amiga Frontier BBS

Your place for Amiga Fun!

Amiga Echomail! (C=net! and others!)

Over 10,000 Amiga FIles (and growing!)

Over 50 Online Games!

Anima Ex Machina

The connections with people that last a lifetime through online and tabletop games and a shared passion for exploring machines and their languages are the soul of the machines. Multi-user chat, Crossroads of the Elements MUD, Elite-x/84, Exodus GameNet, Tabletop RPGs, Programming, Microcomputers.

DigiSoft Club /Telnet/FirstClass/Web BBS

51 yo BBS nerd from Sweden.. Still thinking BBSing is fun..

The Telnet / SSH BBS contains the biggest filebase I have seen in any of the BBSes I have visited
327 Gb of data in 2700 filegroups with 370000 files.. Growing each day. (Softwares from the end of the eighties till the end of the ninties.)

The Graphical BBS has FirstClass Server as the engine. The Filebase in it is constantly growing (as inte the telnet one). Right now there is BBS related fileareas, with almost all BBS-server software I have found while surfing the still active FTP Servers around the net.

If you wanna try you can download the digisoft client here (DigiSoft Client) (if asked the unpackpassword is “digisoft”)

The WebBBS at “” is a complement to the Graphical BBS

Quantum Wormhole

It’s a BBS, running on Mystic v1.12 A39 Part of the tqwNet, fsxNet, RetroNet, FidoNet networks. Running since August 2018.

Search BBS

Hobby BBS connected to FSXNet among other message networks. The primary purpose was to get back into BBSing after running a Wildcat BBS in Sioux Falls, SD back in the mid 90s.

Lower Planes, The

| 0 |:::::::::: T H E  L O W E R   P L A N E S  B B S  :::::::::::::| 0 |
|   |================================================================   |
| 0 |                                                               | 0 |
|   |Online Games:                                                  |   | 
| 0 |   - Tradewars 2002	         	     - Scrabble     | 0 |
|   | 	- Barren Realms Elite (2 Worlds)             - Murder Motel |   |
| 0 | 	- The Pit				     - Global War   | 0 | 
|   |  	         	  - Operation Overkill                      |   |
| 0 |                                                               | 0 |
|   |---------------------------------------------------------------|   | 
| 0 |                                                               | 0 | 
|   |1 Trillion Gigglybytes of      	       Message Areas        |   | 
| 0 |            30yr old warez dude                                | 0 |
|   |	- Apple II 8 bit			-Apple II           |   | 
| 0 |	- Apple IIGS 16 bit			-DOS                | 0 |
|   |	- DOS networking/bbs			-Waffle             |   | 
| 0 |                                                               | 0 |
|   |---------------------------------------------------------------|   |
| 0 |::::::::::::: Telnet:SSS:WWW - -:::::::::::::::::| 0 |
|   |---------------------------------------------------------------|   |

Digital Wurmhole

Digital Wurmhole is a passion project to relive nostalgic memories. Currently connected to various echomail nets and door game servers. Currently, the Wurmhole is running Mystic software on a Raspberry Pi 3.

Amstrad BBS

Amstrad BBS

The Amstrad BBS (Bulletin Board System) for Amstrad Computers inluding CPC, PCW and PPC. The Amstrad BBS was setup to support Amstrad computer enthusiasts, fans and users – offering a community, chat and file archive.


Old Amiga Scene BBS from the 90’s Now restored from a backup and running emulated in the cloud.

Back to the Future

BBSes are a return to the past, just like our favorite time travel movie. BTTTFBBS is a playground for Linux and Python experiments. Features a dial-out modem (call out to dial-up BBSes or information services), some local and networked games, and whatever features the sysop feels like developing.

Internetking BBS

this bbs carries a lot of message bases plus a lot of classic door games as well.lot of classic door games as well.

Doors are:

Bubble Boggle, Dice Warz 2, Chicken Delivery, Jeopardized!, Dice Warz, Kingdom, DrugLord, Dragonlance, Fat Fish, Life, Kannons and Katapults,  Maze Race, Lemons, Milliway’s Casino, Star Trek, Piss-o-Rama, Synkroban, Star Stocks, Thirstyville, Synchronetris, Uber Blox!, Gooble Gooble, Synchronet Blackjack!, Solomoriah’s WAR!, DoorMUD v0.99, Wordem, Legend of the Red Dragon, Netrunner, Lunatix, Assassin, Legend of the Red Dragon, BBS Crash, MZK LORD, Virtual Sysop, Operation: Overkill II, The Pit, Trade Wars 2002, Bordello Planets: The Exploration, Junkyard, Global War, Murder Motel, Global Backgammon, Darklands, Barren Realms Elite, Hackin’ Crackin’ Falcon’s Eye, Mega Slots, Usurper, Fresh Water Fishing Sim, Falcon’s Honor, Lemonade, The Arcadian Legends, Dungeon Master, DoorMUD, BCR Games Server, Pimp Wars.

I also offer a lot of modern menu shells and classic menu shells that been updated/fixed for the current version of  Synchronet. Many to offer that will be added over time. Please check it out.



Amiga Logo

Amiga City

A BBS for the Amiga computer line – Yes, it’s still supported… 🙂 We have over 2,500 downloads in the website, and a selected subset in the FTP area. We also have over 100 door games for you to enjoy, most not available anywhere else.

ByteXchange BBS

This BBS was created early on, in the late 80s by my good friend. I have now resurrected it into a modern Mystic BBS. We offer door games, tons message networks, and tons files, modern and older. It is also the WHQ BBS for Cyber-Net FTN BBS Network. You can fill out an online app on the BBS. Enjoy!

Basement Theory Header

Basement Theory

Update: SSH Port Changed to 2618; Telnet Remains 23.

The Basement Theory is a re-envisioning of the dial-up BBS I ran in the 1990s. Originally running in the local-calling area for Scioto County, Ohio and northern Greenup County, Kentucky, The Basement Theory existed under three BBS names: The Cool (1993-94), The Basement Theory (1994-95), and A Saucerful of Secrets (1995-97). “The Basement Theory” is surely the most remembered name by the old users, and is why it’s the “new” name, today.

The current version of The Basement Theory borrows from old backups of the original BBS to create its theme and attitude. Much of the old data is available to view or download from the BBS. In fact, the current ANSI menus are the same ones as used on the BBS in September 1995, according to the file dates of the backed-up ANSIs.

Of course, even though the board is an admitted exercise in nostalgic self-indulgence, The Basement Theory‘s main goal is to be a contributing part of the current BBS scene. It belongs to DOVE-net, FidoNet, and Agoranet, in case you’re looking for a node to participate in the BBS message networks. It also runs several door game favorites, including games still being developed, like Rick Parrish’s modern port of Usurper. There are even new, ongoing archival projects, such as the Animation File Archival Project (GL/FLI/DL) and the Exec-PC Graphics Archive.

So, why not come be part of a new community? Visit The Basement Theory today!

Ninho do Abutre 2 BBS

Fidonet Brazil Fidonet Spain Fidonet International DOVE-NET Usenet Private newsgroups 8000+ files



X  i  b  a  l  b  a

(“shee-bal-ba” — the place of fear)

The official ENiGMA½ BBS software WHQ!


The board is evolving constantly with mods, art, and additional features via ENiGMA½ BBS software updates on a daily basis!

  • Connected to BBSLink / DoorParty! / BCR / Exodus door servers + local registered doors
  • fsxNet / RetroNet / AgoraNet / SpookNet / local message bases
  • Blocktronics / iMPURE  / other ANSi/ASCii artscene pack hosting
  • Large file base with retro DOS games (80+ gigs worth!), and 200+ gigs of retro computing / gaming articles & mags, horror comics, …lots more. Easy web d/ls!
  • Telnet bridge to other systems
  • The latest ENiGMA½ updates and news
  • More!

Connect Now

Connect now over secure WebSockets (


KD3net, based out of Pawtucket, RI, running Synchronet. Lots of local door games and apps, InterBBS games with and (like LORD, BRE, etc), and DOVE-Net, Radio/Weather Net, and Center Of Awareness message networks. Home of syncWXremix weather app for Syncrhonet boards.

Twinkle BBS

:: mail/echomail networks, and lots of games ::

Outpost BBS

Outpost BBS is a Linux-based BBS and is the home of Cheepware BBS doors and sysop utilities and the Micronet Information Network (zone 618). There’s something for everyone at the Outpost!   Outpost is a member of Fidonet (1:18/200).  A nice selection of door games and an ever-growing filebase is available.  Outpost BBS is a  MBSE BBS development site (the sysop is a MBSE development team member).

You can connect to the Outpost via WWW, telnet, and SSH (must be an existing user to use SSH) using standard ports.

Point and full feeds for Fidonet are available for qualified systems.

Wintermute BBS

Established in mid-2009 and located in germany, this BBS focuses on classic computers with a bias towards Commodore computers and the Rasspberry Pi SBC.

Wintermute BBS menuWintermute BBS features a file section (x-/y-/z-modem downloads, just like the old days!), chat, email, networked bulletin boards via DoveNet or Echomail (including FIDO), and popular RSS newsfeeds. For entertainment you may choose from a selection of ANSI games for you to enjoy.

While german is the primary language, english is also an option and there are various command shell themes available for both languages, including  a MS DOS like command prompt, custom made ANSI menus and a curses like text GUI (the latter being the default setting).

Behind the scenes the BBS is run by a Raspberry Pi 3, Raspbian Linux, Binkd and Synchronet 3.16.

Capitol Shrill BBS

Once ‘Fear and Loathing’ in New Orleans, the BBS is back in a new city but with the games and message areas you love. Looking forward to seeing old friends as well as making new ones. See you on the board!

Do you like stickers? We all like stickers. Send me your address and I’ll toss a few BBS stickers into an envelope and send ’em your way.