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Downloadable Telnet BBS List

The Telnet BBS Guide offers a downloadable text version of the BBS list. This list includes both Telnet BBS listings as well as US/Canada Dial-up BBS listings.

The downloadable files include both brief and detailed BBS listings, and a copy of NetRunner, a free easy to use Telnet client to access Telnet BBS systems. (This file is a ZIP compressed file. If you are unfamiliar with ZIP files, download a copy of Winzip or PKZip.)

The list comes in two formats:

Download Monthly
This is the “official” Telnet BBS Guide, updated monthly. This list is intended for distribution to other websites and BBS systems.

Download Daily
This is an unofficial list which reflects additions and deletions over the course of the month. This list is NOT intended to be distributed to other websites or BBS systems, only for personal use.