Bucko’s Den

Software:Image BBS
Location:Yorktown Heights, NY, USA

Bucko’s Den re-established after 33 years. A bit of history. Bucko’s Den originally¬† came into existance on 11/22/1986 as a CNet 10.0 Part Time BBS over the coming years it morphed into The Wrong Number ][ BBS and now it is part of The Wrong Number Family Of BBS’. It currently runs on am Emulated C64 with CMD Super CPU 20mhz cartridge and Image BBS v2.0 software. It carries the NISSA Network, and The Wrong Number Network which consists of all the local subs from each of the Commodore Wrong Number Family BBS’…


This BBS running at 38.4k is super quick with the SuperCPU…

Give us a call today and see what BBS’n was like back in the 90’s!

Author: Bucko

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