Software:Image BBS
Location:Tampere, , Finland

This year we updated all whit new Image3.0 BBS software
new Wifimodem Link232 to give us full 38.4KBaud line speed
prize was total new born and all data was swap a way
Clean start 24.12.2020
NO more testing we are online and we plan to be online a long long time !

Genetic-PET is been Beta test for (2017) a 3 years… (No more)
old User-port Wfimodem and 1.2a Image BBS SW did not work well
and speed was only 2400Baud

CoSysop are welcome !!

Author: Codetsu

6510 generation SysOp From Genetic-Family of 2 BBS Genetic-point (Amiga) Genetic-PET (C64)

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This BBS is using a non-standard telnet port (1025), the web telnet script may not work.

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