Prison Board (Spitfire)

Just an old time bbs running Spitfire, using NetSerial to connect. Full access on first logon. Doors and messages available (FIDONET)

Lost Chord BBS

Originally started in June 1986 on Commodore 64 hardware running 6485 BBS (thanks Ivory Joe!), now back and running Synchronet.

Dank Domain: The Return of Hack & Slash

Ɗanƙ Ɗomaiƞ is basically a bulletin board built around a medieval role-playing atmosphere (or is it the other way around?). Instead, you LIVE the online game as you kill, steal, brawl, and joust the other members to gain levels and fortune.

Vortex BBS (2)

Wildcat BBS, since 1996, reloaded couple of times. Fidonet, Amiganet

Southern Amis

Atari BBS running Atascii and Ascii 130XE Platform Hosted in the AWS Cloud. Legacy project as tribute to Circa 1984 New York BBS Southern Comfort



Rock BBS

Full retro-bbs featuring Spitfire BBS from Buffalo Creek Software! From its beginnings in May of 1992 to today The Rock features netmail, echomail, awesome doorgames as well as a warehouse full of retro software. Whether new to retro-bbs’ing or an expert you will find something you like at The Rock!

Meditative Mind

This is mostly a social board with the conversations around meditation.

Leisure Time BBS II

BBS Running on Spitfire v3.7 (DOS). Featuring message nets from FidoNet, FSXNet, RetroNet and SCINet. Full menu full of Door games.

Stuck in the 90s BBS

Just a basic WorldGroup BBS. I’ve made an entry for this before, but I think it got deleted, I guess because I only had a web interface to it and not a direct telnet interface. I’ve finally figured out how to enable a telnet interface, so now it has one.

SA Vintage Computer Community BBS

To my knowledge, this is the only BBS currently running in South Africa. It was created largely with the members of the “Vintage Computing and Console Group of South Africa” Facebook group in mind, and as such, is partially intended as an unofficial BBS for that group. Anyone is welcome to join though. BBS is still somewhat under construction, but more stuff will be added to it in time. Currently there is a large library of MOD music files, and a few DOS games and applications.

The BBS server itself is a “vintage” 233 MHz Pentium II, with 128 MB of RAM, running Windows 98:

1984 BBS

The goal behind the 1984 BBS is to build a community of like minded vintage computer enthusiasts who have similar goals in common and desire to leverage modern communication protocols on vintage equipment. Imagine vintage computers abilities to reach modern sites. It’s possible, let’s build it!

8-Bit Playground

Commodore 64 hosted hardware, running C-Net DS2 at 38.4k, the only one of its kind. All available online games/doors, BBS software support file section, cross networked to Image BBS. PETSCII / 40 Columns

Exotica BBS

One of those fun loving bulletin boards with many registered doors, local and network message areas some files and much, much more.

Storm BBS

Storm BBS goes back to dialup days, though then with KBBS software. Running Mystic, on FSXnet, with a variety of modifications from stock software, but still adding various features, whether recycled from the old version of the BBS or brand new to make use of the march of technology.