Thirteenth (13th) Leader BBS (8-Bit Demo)

13th Leader is a reboot of an 8-bit Atari 800 XL  BBS from back in the late 1980’s!  Originally hosted out of Hamilton Ontario Canada!  Back in the 80’s we ran on  8-bit “Home Grown”  BBS software and 2  5-1/4″  floppy drives.    Still hosted on a real 800XL Atari computer with A.P.E. to emulate disk and modem peripherals.

Note: Our 8-bit demo only has one node.  Only one user can access the node at a time.  If you cannot connect, some other user could be connected.   Go have a coffee and try again later.  Better yet, as you wait – visit for Atari info,  great Atari content and our main Atari discussion BBS!


$ telnet 6502    * Demo 8-bit BBS Express on a real 800 XL Computer!

$ telnet 8023    * Atari Discussion and Information


Goto for more info and other Atari content!

Splat BBS

New BBS from sunny Yuma, Arizona. Adding new doors every day. I ran a BBS back in the ’90s and decided to get back into it.

Central Ontario Remote

A small local Bulletin Board System with not a lot of fancy graphics. I put it up a couple of years ago to remember my old BBS back in the late 1980’s. Many message areas, lots of files, and connected to the BBSLINK games network

Renegade Media BBS

Access The Bible 24/7, or create an account to play games.  Renegade Media is a great place to play Legend of the Red Dragon and Planets! Some games allow 500 turns per day.  8 nodes and several door games. Come visit and post a message. We are looking for someone who can upload some shareware DOS and BBS files. No time limits. Obsolete Technology is a 4 node Telegard BBS embedded inside Renegade Media BBS.  To access the Telegard BBS, just log onto Renegade Media as Guest with Guest as the Password. Telnet://BBS.MYWIRE.ORG   or web version @ Http://

Hope to see you there!

Mutiny BBS

Just started December 2018. Synchronet BBS with a small but engaging user-base so the games that are online are actively being played. Currently Mutiny has Legend of the Red Dragon, Global Wars, Mines of Gorr, Junkyard, Trade Wars 2002, Hexx Wars, Lost in Space, Gangland Wars and more

Bucko’s Den

Resurrected from the dead of 1987. Bucko’s Den was the prelude to The Wrong Number BBS’. Running on Image 1.2b, on a emulated C64 SuperCMD 20mhz CPU at 19.2k makes it one of the fastest Image BBS’ around.. Although not very modified right now, it will become a very heavily modified Image BBS. Come see a Commodore 64 BBS imitate the speediness of a PC board!

Sonic BBS

Message areas and networks. The home of chatnet – Online chat networks

Palantir BBS (2)

Old school file base, LOTS of DOOM/Duke/Quake/more files, and NightOwl CDROM online. FidoNet Echomail and DOVE-Net QWK mail. Doorgames for fun. New callers welcome.

Paladin’s Castle

A revival of the original … used to run approximately between 1984-1990. Recently reopened, with plans to have Linked Doors, and very large collection of CD shareware files, Abandonware OSes and utils/games, WWIVnet and more coming soon!

Sea Breeze Gaming Network

We offer the Largest collection of games over 350, Swords of Chaos, Majormud, and many more. We are connected to Worldlink 24/7.

Internal Affairs

Internal Affairs is dedicated to online door games such as LORD, Planets, TradeWars + more. We are always running LORD tournaments and looking for users to come play. IA BBS also has active message areas and multi-node chat! We’ve got a lot of active users. Come join us! Everyone is welcome.

Ballon BBS

I have been in Japan for a long time.
Therefore, my talk partner is only Japanese people and I do not speak in English very often.
On the other hand, my English communication at SNS has increased.
I opened a BBS to strengthen my English.

By the way … Do you like balloons?


Commodore 64 NTSC Scene BBS. Home of CMBBS 2017/2019. Home of USA Cracking / NTSC Fixing group UDI.

Bottomless Abyss BBS

See for up to date information.
Account can be created securely from the website.

* Many networks and doors
* Great focus on privacy
* BBS home of Hackfest, Defcon613 and The StarGate Complex CTF challenge
* Free access but manual account validation required
* Serious users only
* No need to provide real info but if you choose to provide a fake id, please be creative.

From December 19th 2018 to January 18 2019, the BBS is running it's Discovery Contest.
Read all the details below and hurry if you want to participate.
See the bulletin on the BBS for up to date information.
Ranking updated daily.

Sagramour’s Realm

Just welcoming WWIV BBS. We pull in all the subs. Door Games will be working soon…


Chinwag BBS reliving BBSing from the 90’s.

BBS MouseNet

BBS MouseNet is a real telnetable 8 Bit BBS running on an old Atari 800XL (576kb Ram battery buffered)  with Sio2SD Floppy Emulator. Connected via Lantronix UDS10 and
ICD P: R: Connection to the Ethernet/Internet. BBS MouseNet is online since 2003. Use Syncterm for Windows to see this BBS in ATASCII.

DOSzombie BBS

A Bulletin Board System completely dedicated to DOS. That includes programs, games & files. Tons of Shareware from way back, registered Legend of the Red Dragon 3.55 Going to make an attempt to convince computer users of today that DOS still has lots to offer & can be a new Social Media Platform!


MSmac BBB (R) – PCBoard Worldwide Home BBS All PCBoard and tools available, Fidonet and all PCBoard Dev Team Boards. Telnet : Web: