DC540 (local Defcon group) put our own BBS out into the wild. I used to run Citadel BBSes (as well as others) back in the day, and thought it’d be fun to relive those days. Many of the folks in my group are too young to remember BBSing, MCI codes or switch-hook dialing. Name may change.


A modern, custom-built BBS

Rusty MailBox

Message areas include DOVE-Net, Fidonet and fsxNet.  Local and InterBBS doors including For Honour and Galactic Dynasty. A growing filebase with something for everyone. Chat with other users on the BBS or on other BBSes connected to our chat server.

Stellar Darkness BBS

The Stellar darkness BBS aims to be a friendly community where people can come to discuss all things related to technology, download files, play games and more! In the early to mid-nineties, I was very much into the local BBS scene in Toronto, Canada. I ran several BBSs and would often tie up the family phone line calling my favorite boards. This BBS was named after the first board I started over 25 years ago. It has been resurrected for nostalgic purposes and to take a step back to appreciate a simpler time before the prevalence of social media and the world wide web.

On the board you’ll find numerous door games, message networks and more! It is a work in progress and more features and functionality will be added in the coming weeks and months.

StealthWorld BBS

The StealthWorld BBS is a classic Amiga corner in the realm of BBSes. Actively run by SysOp Darkman, StealthWorld is a nice BBS to discuss everything about the classic Commodore Amiga computer. Share thoughts, leech some classic software, amiga software manuals and more:)


Storm BBS

Storm-themed BBS with experimental Python scripts, FSXNet and Fidonet message networks, BBSLink doors, and a friendly, helpful sysop.