Flaming Telepaths

Resurrected from it’s successful dialup days, Flaming Telepaths has begun moving forward again. Over 50 doors, thousands of old BBS doors & utilities in the file bases, and the retro feel of the simplicity that a BBS should be (and no, we don’t mean we kept the default setup!)

Disconnected Reality

Home of Cobalt: am ANSI art DOS application and Jagossel’s personal curated MOD music and shareware.

Pirate’s Cove

Tons of Door games, BBSLink Games and files! New Door games added daily swing on by and join the Cove!  Supports both the Amiga and C64 Operating Systems.

Sin City BBS

Just another Synchronet board still on dial-up and telnet

HackNslash Online

The classic game of Hack & Slash! Is there anything else to say? Come join in the fun!

Danger Bay BBS

A revived and revamped PCBoard BBS from 1995, operating in the (604). This is not your stock PCBoard. Modded to the MAX with many original, never before seen programs (PPEs) and games created by the sysop. Over 600 door games, many of which are fully registered. Come and play our very own SUDOKU game. The theme is Retro DOS Games & Apps. Large file areas. Excellent SysOp resources. PCBoard support area. ANSi Artpack & eMag archives. Old-skool look and feel. ArakNet, FidoNet, FsxNet, BlueWave & QWK Mail. Come and experience the real power of PCBoard.

This BBS is best view using Netrunner or Syncterm for proper ANSi emulation. The webpage app here is a bit buggy.

10 Nodes – 24/7

Bible BBS

Bible BBS is a small solar powered Renegade BBS system running on a Raspberry Pi Zero W.
Node 1 BBS.Mywire.org:2300
Node 2 BBS.Mywire.org:2400
Node 3 Mystic PI Fileserver  bbs.mywire.org:26
Come Play TEOS! We added 100 new planets!


Emcomm NY

A Synchronet BBS linked to amateur radio packet station KC2MHA.   Users of the ham radio functions limited to those with amateur radio licenses.

The KC2MHA packet radio node can be accessed via the door menu.  The kc2mha packet node runs on bpq32 with radio ports on 145.050mhz, 14.105mhz, telnet and axip Internet links.  Ham radio packet connections can also connect via radio to the EMCOMMNY BBS via the BPQ node main menu.  You just never know who may be lurking and from where!

The bbs menu system is dull downed a bit to accommodate the slow 300-1200 baud radio transfer rates.  Some radio connections taking several digipeater hops to reach the kc2mha node slowing it down even more.

Sign in with your call sign for packet radio access. Other telnet BBS functions are available to non HAM users.

Static Speakeasy

Message boards, games (Global War, LORD, BRE, DoorMUD, Tradewars 2, Galactic Overlord, etc). A rebirth of an old Amiga BBS I used to be a co-sysop on in NJ back in the early 90’s, the original ran on Paragon and, later, c/net. Might add Amiga files (as long as they’re legal) down the road.


Running Mystic BBS (Linux64) on a Linode. We have many card game doors, DoorMud – The land of the forgotten. Legend of the Red Dragon.  Pimp Wars.


Skynet BBS

A classic BBS run on a true C64 Breadbin w/JDos, Rear Admiral ThunderDrive w/sd conversion, 1571 floppy w/JDos, Sd2iEC, Glink-LT RS232 interface, 1802 monitor, 2x Commodore4ever power supplies