Razz Pie BBS

This BBS is ran entirely on a Raspberry PI 3

Using Mystic 1.12 A38


Raspberry PI and Mystic


Communication Tower

A Commodore 64 DMBBS(V4.8E+) running on a virtual Commodore 64(WinVICE) with a virtual Super Snapshot 5 cartridge, 4 virtual CMD-FD 4000 disk drives, and a virtual 2400 baud modem. Features include 10 message bases and 14 online games. The file areas are empty, but I plan on converting .d64, .d71 and .d81 disks over to their original formats and putting them in the file areas when time permits. Otherwise, I will put the emulated formats in as time permits.

New Frontier ][

A reboot of a BBS than ran for 5 years in the 90’s. We have online games, thousands of files, Online Door Games, Networks like Fido, FsxNet, and DixieNet. 10 Node BBS. Check us out!

Space Cactus Canyon

Space Cactus Canyon is a BBS dedicated to the Atari 2600; old DOS games; and space, cacti, and/or canyons. New and growing!

Skylab Systems BBS

After 2 years of being down Skylab System BBS is up and running again. Update – I have made the switch to Mystic BBS software. So were in the midst of changing the system message areas that are up currently We have Fidonet, Survival-net and Dovenet up, Our next change is the Door system. Lots of door games are coming from Fresh Water Fishing with Fishing Derbys again for cash prizes. LORD, Trade Wars and many many more to go online. We’re also working on screens to make the system more fun. So stop on by and say hello. Keep checking back because there a lot of new changes taking place. Tell your Friends!

skylab-systems.com Port 2325

Fidonet 1:123/120

Fsx_net 21:4/120

Survival-net 9:91/21

Amstrad BBS

Amstrad BBS

The Amstrad BBS (Bulletin Board System) for Amstrad Computers inluding CPC, PCW and PPC. The Amstrad BBS was setup to support Amstrad computer enthusiasts, fans and users – offering a community, chat and file archive.

Files 4 Fun BBS

BBS since the 1990’s. Many doors. Used to run on Spitfire as dialup, then later migrated to Wildcat! for Telnet. Now, in today’s Internet world, I am running Mystic.


This is a homage to my 90s BBS I ran from home with 4 PSTN lines.

Intergate BBS


A teleconference/chat focused BBS running on Photon BBS with multiple door games. Current game selection includes Legend Of The Red Dragon, Barren Realms Elite, Lunatix, Operation Overkill II, Simpsons, and Darkness with more being added as I have the time. SSH username and password: bbs/bbs

X Factor BBS

X Factor is running OBLiViON/2!!  With Door Party! Will soon carry your favorite nets!

Exotica BBS

Exotica – collecting the latest doors from active creators.

  • Magicka BBS WHQ
  • Galactic Dynasty WHQ
  • For Honour WHQ

Connected to fsxNet, Agoranet, pinet, retronet and happynet.

Tardis BBS

This BBS was started by John Lorance in Phoenix Arizona in the nineteen eighties. I took it over a few years later and continued to develop the software. After being off line for a few years, it was reborn in 1999 as a multiuser, multithreaded BBS written in Ruby.


LushBBS is hosted by ANSI artist MaxMouse and features his own games and mods. Running Mystic BBS software.


Retro BBS with many Retro Stuff… FidoNet::RetroNet::BBSNet and many many more

Backyard BBS

– Abandonware / Classic DOS, C64, AMIGA and Console Games/Rom’s (+10’000 Files online) – Door Games and Fun – BBS Scene stuff (PCBoard/Wildcat and Mystic) – Echomail Networks (fsxNet, BBSNet, DoRENET, RetroNet)


The ERICADE Network is a Swedish BBS and mostly in Swedish language. It was first founded in 1993, but all texts and files are from its second incarnation in 1998. It’s trying to keep a local pub atmosphere with discussions (in Swedish). It also has a number of games such as Hack and Slash.

Absinthe BBS

Hang out with the cool Amiga kids

Absinthe BBS aims to be the most comprehensive, fun Amiga BBS currently in operation! We offer what is likely the largest collection of quality Amiga BBS doors, game servers, a multiuser conference system with multiple nodes, and more! Also, only from here can you access Green Dragon RPGBBS!


Old Amiga Scene BBS from the 90’s Now restored from a backup and running emulated in the cloud.

Braindead Reloaded

Reincarnation of my old BBS. Lots of scene music from 1992 – 2010 online including all from Sound Alliance, Explizit and loads of other music groups.


Rats Nest BBS

Going through changes board will be up and down. Our official grand opening is for valentines day. Please be patient.

Our board is dedicated to the retro gaming and programmers, and all of us Rasberry Pi addicts. We love retro gaming, which eludes to the fact you can find some emulators and a bunch of retro game roms. I also have a bunch of support software for Timex Sinclair/ZX81 and am going through abandon ware roms for the Atari 2600. Along with a pile of NES roms. Coming soon.

So please enjoy.

Flashback BBS

A retro themed BBS for Home Micros and Linux. Running on a Raspberry Pi Zero W.

Part-Time BBS

Part-Time was the longest running Atari 8 bit BBS in the Cleveland Ohio 216 area code. It was originally up from from 1985 to early 2000. Part-Time was also one of the first BBSs to run BBS Express Pro! software. Part-Time’s Pro! node number is 7!

This version of the BBS was recovered with back-up disks from 1990. It includes restored messages/message bases from 1988-1990, some restored file sections, and several original online games.

SilverHawk BBS

The BBS is the same as it was in 1992 when it first started. We have the original user database, the same conferences and file areas. This is a nostalgic hyper-trip! Connect today and enter a time capsule. Original users will happily see their old messages again.

Digicom BBS

Digicom start in 1983 on a Commodore Vic-20, later moving to C64, C128 then to PC. It went offline in 1997, but is back with MysticBBS. 190 Door Games and a meeting ground for old SysOp’s. Also available via web interface at https://bbs.digicom.com

Online BBS

Please press “Enter” twice or your IP was banned at the login! This ist anti portscanning Tool we have installed.

The Online BBS Starts since 1991. We have a lot of Online Games for you. A Big Amiga Corner and many more.