Telegard Prison Board

A resurrected Telegard added to the Prison Board BBS Group.  A full fledged bbs with echomail, files and games.

Three Hundred (300) F-ing Baud BBS

300 F-ing Baud BBS.

It’s not really 300 Baud…

This is a Single Node BBS running RyBBS.
It is designed with the Older Computer
in mind.  40 or 80 Column computers.
Sorry, No Dial-Up.
The site hosts TONS of old computer
software for you to Download.
It also has several Door Games like:

Pimp Wars
BBS Crash
Jet Combat
Mech Wars
And these original Door Games by Gary Crunk
Star Trek Enhanced
Break the Web
Motel Kalifornia!

In order to download, you can’t use
programs like Syncterm because the
downloads won’t work.  I suggest using
programs such as Procomm in DOS.

If you forget to add the 2525 at the end,
you will end up at Another F-ing BBS.

Check out my 2 Other BBS’s:
Another F-ing BBS:
Quazar BBS Door Game Server:


Gary Crunk


A new retro and modern BBS optimized for a wide range of connection speeds, allowing access to articles, files, network utilities, games, messaging services, and more! New features and options being added everyday!

Wrong Number IV BBS

One of only 2 Image BBS v3.0 BBS’ this BBS is the update to Image BBS v2.0 which was released in December of 2018. 3.0 is what 2.0 should have been. A word of warning though, this BBS is a ALPHA test BBS, and with that you may experience errors or problems. Please call anyway and help us test and get this BBS software to where it can and will be..

Manic Modem BBS

Manic Modem BBS; the good old days of BBSing! The BBS was active as a dial-up service from 1993 to 1995. It was closed when the Internet took over the 418 area (Quebec, Canada). The BBS was fully restored in 2004 as a Telnet BBS. It is now reachable at


Recreating my BBS that I ran back in the 80’s and part of the 90’s. Plan to bring back what I enjoyed most of BBSes back in my day.


A modern BBS running modern Worldgroup 6.1 on a modern Windows server in an industry-leading data center. In Star Trek nomenclature this is the Excaliber-B. In standard geek terms it’s Excaliber 3.0. Keeping true to its roots Excaliber is all about making friends & having fun.

Another F-ing BBS

Another F-ing BBS is back again. Dedicated to the preservation of old computers and software.

Mystic Hamradio

Dedicated to ham radio

Node !!

send me an email to

request a node number synchronization with all packet bulletins
ax25 radio

Flower BBS WA

This BBS is for any one who likes love and peace and stuff you don’t have to pay for.

Terminal Obsession

Running latest Amiexpress Build 5.1 (May 2019) on real Amiga 4000 /60 4 Nodes C64,Amga,/x,Console BBS

The BBS is an experimental BBS to demonstrate the BBS world. Started on 2019 for curiosity reasons. As an internet alternative, dial-up is also enabled, but call number will be available upon request only. Contact information can be found at Feel free to register and explore it!

After Hours BBS II

Just a fun loving butch of things to do, like on the old days before the Internet.

Doors, message areas, network message areas and lets not forget the doors too!

Join us anytime and see why a Bulletin Board is really where it is at….. BBS BBS is a hobby project I’ve started. It is one of the only BBS servers running in Romania.

WWIV Frontier BBS

Come Check us out!!

The WWIV Frontier BBS

telnet: frontierbbs net: 2333

Web: frontierbbs net

Lots of active message areas!

File Area! (Online Doors being worked on)

Test BBS for WWIV and CyberBBS for Linux!

New Frontier ][ BBS

Extra Extra!! Read all about it!!

The New Frontier ][ BBS

Web: frontierbbs net

Telnet: frontierbbs net

SSH: frontierbbs net:222

RLogin: frontierbbs net: 513

TONS of Echomail! Over 55,000 Files!
Networked & Local Online Games!
ANSI & RIP Graphics!
Running Synchronet/Linux!
IRC Chat!
Dial-in/Modem line VERY soon!

You won’t be disappointed!

Amiga Frontier BBS

My shameful BBS plug!

The Amiga Frontier BBS

(Yes, you’ve guessed it, All Amiga!)
Amiga Files, Amiga Echomail (and Online Games!)
Running Enigma 1/2 -0.10<Alpha>
C=Net, FSXNet, CyberNet, & FidoNet
15,000+ all Amiga files (and adding more!) files
Networked Doors Games!
Dial-in/Modem line VERY soon!

Web: frontierbbs net

telnet: frontierbbs net:8888

SSH: frontierbbs net:8889

Tell all your Amiga Friends!

X-Caliber BBS

Originally established in 1994 in the metro Detroit area. Running C-Net Amiga and currently JoinLinked with 14 other boards. All are welcome, but primarily focused on C64, Amiga, and retro-gaming!