Coffee House BBS

New Synchronet BBS – Goal is to recreate a place where folks can play games, plenty of message board topics, and cross BBS chat.

Enterprise BBS

After 30 years in mothballs, the old girl is out of space dock…


Running on real commodore hardware.

C128 – 64 mode

(1) 1571 drive

(2) 1541 drives

(1), pi1541, running as 1581 drive

Lighly modified version of Color64 BBS.

Wormhole II BBS

This is a BBS to honor a departed sysop friend, it will have sports and Sci-Fi chat, wide variety of door games and files..

Titantic BBS Telnet

COVID-19 brought us back. Online since November 10, 1993. Back with a new address since Darktech went down. Over 300+ Doors, Message Areas, Files, etc. Renegade BBS Home.

NeoCincinnati BBS

NeoCincinnati BBS is a Mystic-powered board that provides SSH/Telnet access to local and FSXNET/DOVENET services to the Greater Cincinnati Tri-State Area and beyond, and is operated out of the Greater Cincinnati suburb of Erlanger, Kentucky. Feel free to stop on by!

ModemMaster BBS

Just restarted after many years.. Running Wildcat BBS with Doors coming soon like Tradewars 2002

Adept BBS

Old school Worldgroup BBS in Louisville, Ky. Original beta testers for MajorMUD along with many other games, including Tradewars and Swords of Chaos.

Basement Theory Header

Basement Theory

Update, August 2020: The Basement Theory has returned to “public status,” open to all.

The Basement Theory is a re-envisioning of the dial-up BBS I ran in the 1990s. Originally running in the local-calling area for Scioto County, Ohio and northern Greenup County, Kentucky, The Basement Theory existed under three BBS names: The Cool (1993-94), The Basement Theory (1994-96), and A Saucerful of Secrets (1996-97). “The Basement Theory” is surely the most remembered name by the old users, and is why it’s the “new” name, today.

The current version of The Basement Theory borrows from old backups of the original BBS to create its theme and attitude. Much of the old data is available to view or download from the BBS. In fact, the current ANSI menus are the same ones as used on the BBS in September 1995, according to the file dates of the backed-up ANSIs.

There is also a history of “modern” activity. Having originally gone public in 2017 (with private users for years before), there is an extensive “local” community of regulars who populate the forums and door games. Even during the times the BBS stopped advertising for new users, many of these old users continued regular use.

Finally, there are several archival projects available to users, such as the Animation File Archival Project (GL/FLI/DL) and the Exec-PC Graphics Archive.

So, why not come join the community? Now that the board is open to the public again, accepting new users with full access on first login, I hope you’ll help write the next chapter in the BBS’s history. Visit The Basement Theory today!

Note: SSH Port is 2618, an homage to the final digits of The Basement Theory’s 1990s telephone number. Telnet port is the standard 23.

Deep Thought BBS

Deep Thought BBS focus is mainly on history, critical thinking, and a little bit of levity. There are some generalized and open forum type topics as well. But the focus is to bring like-minded people together in a smaller, more manageable community at a slower pace. Quality, not quantity.

Farm BBS

Farming, software, technology, research, finance.

Bluenote Music Source BBS

Bluenote Music Source BBS specializes in MOD files. Bluenote also houses a wide variety of CP/M classic software as well.

Sea Breeze Gaming Network

We offer many multiplayer games such as majormud, Swords of Chaos, Lord, Mutants, Tradewars 2002 and many other. We offer over 300 games online. We are online 24/7.

RF Studio

Worldgroup board. I have T-Lord setup. I have been using it for years for just myself. Now just opening up for others.

MadWorld BBS

Online since 2005 (mostly). Running on a C128-Flat, CMD HD-20 (4GB). Call in ANSI or PETSCII – the BBS takes on a whole new look! We have a huge Upload and Download area, Great Online games, and we’re working on adding features every day. The only thing we’re missing is you!

Saturn V BBS

Saturn V BBS has been in operation on and off since 1986. Currently residing in Melbourne FL.  Offering many games such as Trade Wars 2002, Galactic Empire and an new always expanding map in Swords of Chaos!   Come and have a look!

Lost Worries

3rd Times the Charm! Running on a vintage Pentium 2 at 400mhz with 128meg of ram and a 4gb CF card. Modem emulation is handled by a Raspberry Pi 3b+ running Fozztexx’s fork of tcpser Software. Still a very basic BBS, Has Trade Wars 2002 v309 and LORD 3.55. More to come, feel free to email me suggestions on the Board.

Amiga Underground

Running AmiExpress 5.3.0 (2020) under FS-UAE on Arch Linux on a ASUS G74-SX Laptop with 16GB RAM and 20TB of storage attached! 24/7 Amiga Support with numerous Message Conferences and Files! Online in one way or another since 1984.

Bucko’s Den II

The next part of the Wrong Number Family Of BBS’ board. Running the Beta Release of Enigma 1/2 BBS in a Linux Enviroment. fsxNet, SciNet, DoreNet, tqwNet, piNet. Wrong Number Family Door Server, Door Party Server, CombatNet Door Server, Wrong Number Family File Server, Error404 File Server.


Todays BBS running like yesterdays BBS!