Vault BBS

Based in Buenos Aires, Argentina, The Vault BBS is a repository of quality content. Curated collections of Atari, Commodore 64, Spectrum ZX, DOS and Windows 3.1 games. Historical retrospective of ANSI/ASCII art. FsxNet and FidoNet Echomail available… and a lot of surprises to come!

The Vault is being protected by Don Rolo (former SysOp of The Connection BBS #2 during the ‘80s and founder of & Irrompibles video games magazine) and Don Epi (better know as Epimundo in his Youtube channel, he’s devoted to spread wisdom and love about ansi & ascii art & retro video games).


34 line system, with a few games, plus chat of course

Reign of Fire III

As of now, RoFIII is my old C-Net Amiga Pro v3.05g BBS. Later this may turn into the new C-Net 128 BBS. It is up and running for anyone interested. Enjoy!


Small BBS system, mainly used as an alternative to my website for ancient computers.

Compufuck BBS

Sleek and stylish with an unique interface and a good vibe.


Looking forward to Looking Backward? Time to get retro and join us at CrNet BBS. We are still making it look nice but would love to have your input.