Atrium BBS

Disappeared fifteen years ago, now resurrected. Multi-user, eXpress Message live chat. Retro-computing focus.

Quantum Wormhole

It’s a BBS, running on Mystic v1.12 A39 Part of the tqwNet, fsxNet, RetroNet, FidoNet networks. Running since August 2018.

Search BBS

Hobby BBS connected to FSXNet among other message networks. The primary purpose was to get back into BBSing after running a Wildcat BBS in Sioux Falls, SD back in the mid 90s.

Dawn of Demise

Welcome to the Dawn of Demise BBS. This BBS is running MajorBBS v6.25-256 and is my tribute to the old days of electronic bulletin board systems. It includes many classic door games popular to MajorBBS.

Lower Planes, The

Apple ][ Forever. Some antique warez. Working on fleshing that out a bit, DOS/II/IIgs. Some of the obligatory games. Running my original BBS under VirtualBox DOS Boxes. When you arrive via SSH or TELNET  use “bbs” as the name and password, it’ll forward you on to the first available node on the system.

Amiga Frontier

The Amiga Frontier BBS

Still a work in progress but stop by and visit!

Tell all your Amiga Friends!


Technician’s Hangout BBS

A BBS for any amateur radio operator that wants to participate and talk about any topic! File areas and Ham Radio Practice tests are provided.

Carrier Detect BBS

Just a base installation of Mystic, it will grow and evolve as I learn more. Feel free to play around or make suggestions as to which direction I should take it!

Thirteenth (13th) Floor BBS: C64 Version

This version of the 13th Floor BBS was shutdown on April 29th 1993. This is a restoration of that data, and approximately 130 users. Supports Commodore C/G, ASCII, and ANSI

N3HYM Amateur Radio BBS

BPQ32 full service packet radio BBS serving Frederick county MD.



Test Unit Ready BBS

“The only AWS EC2 hosted BBS in UK” We focus mainly on retro computing content, with a Spectrum flavor. However all systems are covered and welcome!

We hope to collect the lost content of the internet and roll back to the late 80’s and early 90’s – ESCAPE THE INTERNET.

ExchangeBBS W.H.Q.

100% Pascal Script based Bulletin Board. v3.1 is hard coded script edition, while v0.2 is a port of QuickBBS. Home of LSPD (LightSpeed of NY). We have over 20 MOTOR CITY SOFTWARE Doors – available as native scripts to ExchangeBBS, or on Github with our Door Server.

Retrograde BBS

Running Image 1.2b on Commodore 64c, CMD HD-40, Swiftlink Cartridge 19.2k baud

Wrong Number IV BBS

Another old school style BBS from The Wrong Number Family of BBS’ in house Game Server for your Door playing pleasure. RetroNet, FidoNet, fsxNet. Message Echos (More coming soon) Dial-up node is back!!! If you want to try BBS’n the way it was back in the 80’s and 90’s give us a call Telnet or Dial-up 914-281-1511.. (Warning: Modem is on a VOIP line, hi-speed is not a given, my suggestion is start at 2400 baud and work up from there.) BBS’n the way it was, with the latest in technology..

SmokyThing BBS

SmokyThing BBS

SmokyThing BBS strives to have a little bit of everything for new and old users alike. We have Door games and are always adding more when we find them. We’re also linked with Games so inter BBS gaming is a thing. Tons of echoes for you to read to your hearts content and much more

Illusions BBS

Telearena Gold Custom, over 5300 Rooms. New Spells, Weapons, Armor. All 8 runes to be found. A huge world that continues to grow. Everything is free to play! Majormud Stock, Swords of Chaos stock.Infinity Complex, Card Sharks, Mutants, Tournament LORD as well as other games to check out.


ASCIIattic – Back online after a long break. 200 nodes, 500MB Pipe, 12TB. First 20 new users receive unlimited access. We are primarily focused on real-time communications, files and messages as well as IRC style chat. Fidonet, RetroNet, AmigaNet, FSX, and more!

Dead Zone

Onslaught WHq 1 Gig CMD HardDrive JiffyDos. WiModem Real Breadbox Commodore 64!

Great, Great Wall BBS

Welcome to The great, great wall BBS! A system that was created for fun and experimentation. This is also to my knowledge, the only BBS currently running in South Africa. It is located in Pinetown, Kwazulu-Natal, and runs on a 66 MHz 486DX, with 8 MB of RAM and a 20 GB hard drive (configured using WD’s Ez-Drive). The system runs the Worldgroup BBS software, and is connected directly to the Internet through an Ethernet card, via a packet driver.

Picture of the BBS’s server:


This BBS is still under construction, so things are going to feel somewhat incomplete compared to other boards, but more content should be coming soon. One of my plans for this board is to have a large amount of vintage software available for download in the file section, so that people with serial WiFi modem devices can easily download software directly onto their systems. BBS currently has a library of over 4,000 MOD music files for download. I may also include other files of historical value and interest, such as a mirror of’s library, or something similar.

For the record, this system’s name is an inside joke, and is not in any way associated with any political views whatsoever.

Sysop of this system is RetroM (aka: 44CT232 on YouTube), and co-sysop is themaritimegirl (also on YouTube). We hope you have fun and enjoy your stay!

Digital Wurmhole

Digital Wurmhole is a passion project to relive nostalgic memories. Currently connected to various echomail nets and door game servers. Currently, the Wurmhole is running Mystic software on a Raspberry Pi 3.

Thirteenth (13th) Leader BBS

13th Leader is a reboot of an 8-bit Atari 800 XL  BBS from back in the late 1980’s!  Originally hosted out of Hamilton Ontario Canada!   Back in the 80’s we ran on  8-bit “Home Grown”  BBS software and 2 1/4″  floppy drives.     Still hosted in Southern Ontario but now on an Ubuntu LXD container running Mystic BBS.  New users are always welcome!


$ telnet 8023    *  Atari Discussion and Information

$ telnet 6502    * Demo 8-bit BBS Express on 800 XL


Goto for more info and other Atari content!



Wrong Number ][ BBS

Old School, with a touch of today. Over 240 Doors via game servers. fsxNet, CommodoreNet, RetroNet, FidoNet, CombatNet Games and Message bases, doREnet. New in-house Game Server being added which will hold many registered games, Old School File Base with many older Shareware CD’s.

Proxima Centauri BBS

A primarily Sci-FI / Fantasy themed BBS with over 25 door games available including Legend of the Red Dragon (LORD), Legend of the Red Dragon 2 (LORD2), Trade Wars 2002, Operation Overkill ][, Planets: The Exploration of Space, Usurper, Barren Realms Elite (BRE) and many more!

The Ghetto BBS

My old VBBS board the first software I started out with. Ah the memories.
Many updates, lots of Doors and working on the RIP screen now!

After Hours BBS

Just a good old BBS that has been around for 25 plus years, changed BBS software from Wildcat to Mystic but still a great place to hang out!