Abacus BBS

Abacus BBS now located in Portland is a rebirth of my Abacus system run in Boston in the late 90’s. Abacus currently features both FidoNet and FsxNet echomail and file bases. Doors are going to make a return soon.

What the Dormouse Said

A place to relax. We offer Inter-BBS chat with other Synchronet BBSes, Dove-net, will add more as we continue to be online. The Sysop previously ran a BBS back in the heyday of dial-up.

We are a mirror for BBSlink Door games.  The following Doors are available through Telnet and through ftelnet at our website.

LORD, LORD2, MZK LORD, Operation Overkill II, Trade Wars 2002, Planets: The Exploration of Space, Global War, Global Backgammon, Usurper, Barren Realms Elite, Falcon’s Eye, Falcon’s Honor, The Arcadian Legends, DoorMUD, Pimp Wars, Lunatix, Netrunner, Assassin, BBS Crash, Virtual Sysop, The Pit, Bordello, Junkyard, Murder Motel, Darklands, Hackin’ Crackin’, Mega Slots, Fresh Water Fishing Sim, Lemondade, Dungeon Master, BCR Games Server, Legion, Graffiti Wall.

LostWorries BBS

A fresh start of a WWIV 4.24a Board heralding a triumphant return to the scene.