Big Beautiful System

It’s a BBS all about hanging out and chilling and just like, vibing. Threaded message boards, various door games, original songs in the file base, and more to come!

Lightning BBS

Old school BBS running Virtual Advanced software. Over 50 door games online including LORD, TEOS, BRE, Trade Wars, Ambroshia and Usurper.

Wildcat door game server on port 57600 offering 3 different wtLORD games with and without IGMs and the entire sunrise doors collection.

Eat My Shorts! BBS

34 line Wildcat system, with Doorparty, and several custom Trivia games exclusive to the system, TWGS, FIDONET,WINSNET, and FSXNET

Insane Retro Chip

BBS dedicated only to italian demoscene with a large file section. Running on RasPi 1B. Telnet and Dial-Up available.

Lee Magazine

Running Shotgun Professional v2.10 (I’ve managed to resurrect this software to make it work, there’s even an SVGA Terminal Client that requires no installation just extract and click. Come check it out.

Westwood BBS II

Focus areas: MAME, DOS , Coleco, Commodore and Atari emulation.
Additionally, Flight simulation. BBS is fresh out of the gate and looking
forward to suggestions for growth area. fsxNET, Retronet and Metronet
member; DOORs games via BBS-Link and DoorParty. Multiple themes for user

PowerLink BBS

Unofficial support site for PowerBBS for Windows, written by Russel Frey.