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Modem: +27 87 058 1832

One of the only currently active BBSes running in South Africa. BBS has the usual selection of Synchronet door games, along with a file section with some DOS utilities and many MOD + MIDI music files. User uploads are always welcome. BBS is linked to Vertrauen through DOVE-Net. BBS should be online most of the […]
Modem: 585-532-7217

SiliconUnderground, located in Rochester, NY. In the late eighties through the nineties the BBS ran using multiple BBS packages and was part of Fidonet and one of the co-founders of StormNet. I owned PCBoard and WildCat! commercial licensed versions but could never settle on one package. Alan Jurison was a co-author of T.A.G. and I […]

Modem: +47-64934100, +47-64934180

The BBS is the same as it was in 1992 when it first started. We have the original user database, the same conferences and file areas. This is a nostalgic hyper-trip! Connect today and enter a time capsule. Original users will be happy to see their old messages and friends again. We’er are also the […]

StarDoc134 Logon
Modem: 810-442-0134

StarDoc 134 has been updated and online. WWIV On Linux running latests development for testing 10+ Nodes Telnet Access (  2323) Website Frontend ( WWIVnet Member Native LORD 4.08b running on linux. Full Tradewars 2002 Game server. (Available inside BBS and Web Frontend) Linux Doors DOS Doors Windows Doors OS/2 Doors (Work in Progress)
Modem: 256-895-4786

On line as a general BBS since 1994. Telnetable since 1999. Dialable since the start. Family safe. FidoNet (1:396/45). Running on eCS2 (OS/2).Internet Access to everyone including those who dial-in (outbound telnet, text mode web browser, etc.) This is a free BBS – no subscription of any kind. Games including TradeWars and others also available […]