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Modem: 800-258-4660 or 520-303-7894
Software:CNet Pro

This is an Amiga BBS running on an Amiga 4000D with 4.0GB of online storage. The board offers Pfiles/Doors (Online Games), BBSLink Games (Multiplayer Games). We also offer a message base and file section. The Board is up 24/7 via telnet 6860, dial-up modem toll free 800-258-4660, Local 520-303-7894 or via your favorite web […]
Modem: 423-541-8271
Software:C-Net, CNet, CNet Pro

Member of ArakNet and ACIS. Longest active C-Net BBS! AmigaNet, ArakNet, CommodoreNet, FidoNet, RetroNet & SciNet Full Networks. Over 100 new and classic on-line games! BETA tester for C-Net and Dotoran files! Host for Phenom Production Files! Telnet:// Dial-Up: 423-541-8271 Facebook page at