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Location:Boise, ID, USA

Long time sysop. Ran a popular EleBBS/Win32 BBS many years ago and am bringing it back. Anime themed with Anime USENet and Local message areas.  Games, Messages, heavy ANSI usage. League10 and WhisperNet games.  Micronet coming soon.  League10, Whispernet and Fidonet and Micronet messages.  Netmail, POP3, FTP and NNTP access.  Virtual Sysop, Door Mud, LORD, LORD2, Planets TEOS, Netrunner, Mechwars, Usurper, FE, BRE, Dungeon Master,  Operation Overkill II, Tradewars 2002!

Author: martin-kazmaier

Long time anime fan and bbs sysop. EleBBS Beta site back in the day running the latest binaries now.

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