NiteLite BBS
Location:Capo, CA, USA

This is a real departure from the usual Atari BBS and contains great features especially in the message bases with find and replace editing, “what” feature for reading reply source message and grouping, database improvements for stability, and low maintenance. Atascii / SyncTerm Atari Screen Mode

Author: SouthernAmis

The Southern Amis Projects, restores and preserve Atari BBS history. Rebuilding BBS programs for the Atari 8Bit back to ready-to-use reliability and completeness of documentation, source code and sysop support. All BBS's are run active and shared on upon final user testing and completeness of each version for real-hardware, modem, Fujinet, and Emulators. To-date over 10 BBS's from AMIS, FoReM, ESP, AtariLink, Phonem, NightShift, Hutch BBS,NiteLite, Others have been restored under the project. Southern Amis core bbs is Atascii/Atari Only port 23 and AMIS XE port 9000 for Atascii and Ascii users

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This BBS is using a non-standard telnet port (9000), the web telnet script may not work.