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Software:Enigma 1/2

fORCE9 BBS is one of four of the last standing BBSes in the UK – a reincarnation of eVOLuTION BBS from the 90s. We run ENiGMA½ BBS software, of which RiPuk (the SysOp) is an active contributor. Message Networks fORCE9 is hooked up to FSXnet, Agoranet, Retronet, Fidonet and WWIVnet. The message networks are what made BBS’s […]

My shameful BBS plug! The Amiga Frontier BBS (Yes, you’ve guessed it, All Amiga!) Amiga Files, Amiga Echomail (and Online Games!) Running Enigma 1/2 -0.10<Alpha> C=Net, FSXNet, CyberNet, & FidoNet 15,000+ all Amiga files (and adding more!) files Networked Doors Games! Dial-in/Modem line VERY soon! Web: frontierbbs net telnet: frontierbbs net:8888 SSH: frontierbbs net:8889 Tell […]

X  i  b  a  l  b  a (“shee-bal-ba” — the place of fear) The official ENiGMA½ BBS software WHQ!   The board is evolving constantly with mods, art, and additional features via ENiGMA½ BBS software updates on a daily basis! Connected to BBSLink / DoorParty! / BCR / Exodus door servers + local registered doors […]