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Software:Centipede 128 BBS

The 128 version of Itchy Butt BBS – BBS operational 01 March 2024. System is run on my Commodore 128 using REU, CMD, 2 1571s and SD2IEC drive. Only 1 node (1 modem!) so please be patient if system is in use!

Particles! BBS is a retro-themed BBS, running on retro-themed hardware.  However, when we started in 1992, we weren’t retro… the world has just started catching up to us now 🙂  We’re running on a Commodore 128D, with 640K of RAM (which should be enough for anyone….).  Also: 50,000+ Commodore 64, 128, CP/M, Vic-20, Plus/4 files […]