Itchy Butt BBS (Color 64)
Software:Color 64
Location:King George, VA, USA

** 03/16/2024 ** System was temporarily down, but now operational again! **
TODO: Games – everything else up!

The 64 version of Itchy Butt BBS – BBS operational 01 March 2024.
System is run on my Commodore 128 using REU, 1581, 2 1571s and SD2IEC drive. Only 1 node (1 modem!) so please be patient if system is in use!

MIchael Newkirk
Author: MIchael Newkirk

Sysop of CAMN (Beaverton, OR) and Ultrex (Chula Vista, CA) back in 80s and 90s'. Co-Sysop of Westwood BBS (Beaverton, OR).in 80's. Now proud Sysop of Itchy Butt BBS supporting Amiga and Commodore 64/128. From King George VA

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This BBS is using a non-standard telnet port (6502), the web telnet script may not work.