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Software:CNet Pro

Originally established in 1994 in the metro Detroit area. Running C-Net Amiga and currently JoinLinked with 14 other boards. All are welcome, but primarily focused on C64, Amiga, and retro-gaming!
Modem: 780-439-8364
Software:Roboboard F/X

Xanadu is a general public board for those interested in all varieties of BBS related activites. We have a large base of available files, FIDO news, various mail networks and a large variety of doors. In particular we provide a number of InterBBS BRE and FE leagues with boards from across the world.
Modem: Salt Lake City: 385-248-568 / Miami : 305-749-5008 / San Francisco: 415-231-1260
Software:Enigma 1/2
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X  i  b  a  l  b  a (“shee-bal-ba” — the place of fear) The official ENiGMA½ BBS software WHQ!   The board is evolving constantly with mods, art, and additional features via ENiGMA½ BBS software updates on a daily basis! Connected to BBSLink / DoorParty! / BCR / Exodus door servers + local registered doors […]

Welcome to the XM Core! We’re glad to see you enjoy the best in digital warez. We’re striving to achieve as much of the modern demo, retro computing, and maker scene related material as possible.