Noverdu BBS
Location:South St. Paul, MN, USA

My goal is to create an open place where people can game chat on networks and MRC. Connect with fellow old school BBSers. I have made it so there are 50 nodes an allow up to 2 connections at once so people can chat and play doors or use the message boards at the same time. Come join up!

Author: DrClaw

Hello, I have been a gamer and a nerd since I was a kid. This was back when being a nerd wasn’t cool. I started my love of gaming with the Atari 2600. The neighbor kid got the system and several games. We were to poor at the time to have any systems. I spent my days at his house. Once the 7800 came out his dad offered to sell us the 2600 and the games for a reasonable price. I convinced my dad to get it. I was so excited to have my first game system. I spent many many days playing this and still play Yars revenge to this day as that was the favorite title we owned followed closely by joust. About a year later the NES was becoming popular and the neighbor offered the same deal to buy his 7800 and the games at a reasonable price so they can get a NES. Well at this point my dad was gaming with me too so it was an easy yes. I had my second console. I would be hard pressed to say I have a favorite on here but Pol Position or Choplifter would most likely...

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