Moving to a new server… and growing pains

Hey folks! After about a year of putting up with a slow poke website, I moved the system to a new host. The site should actually work a lot faster.

But, just to let you know a few things don’t work quite right just yet after the move. WordPress (the engine behind the site) doesn’t like to be moved lock, stock, and barrel like it was.

Here are the known issues:

1) Search doesn’t work quite right. In fact, it hasn’t worked for a while. Don’t fret if you search for a BBS (or your BBS if you’re a Sysop) and don’t find it. It’s probably there. Do a manual search by looking at the actual listings and not using the search feature. More than likely it’s there.

2) The monthly lists are not generating. Not sure if I can get that fixed for the July 1 date that I normally distribute the list.

Let me know if you know of any other issues.

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