Vault BBS
Location:Buenos Aires, , Argentina
Away from BBS’s for a long time and wanting to visit them again? Never visited one? A little bit lost?
At The Vault BBS we have a simple philosophy: retro doesn’t have to be complicated!
– Clean menus, easy to understand and follow (we even point out in bright colours the sections that you should NOT miss).
– TOP 10 of the most popular interBBS’s Door Games, but if you want, you can choose from more than 200!
Only the most important global messaging networks: ArakNet (the most exclusive), FidoNet Spain / International (an all time classic), fsxNet (the most active) & RetroNet (the most geek) clearly arranged so you can find everything easily.
And no, we don’t have thousands of FILES. The ones we have are selected to be worth downloading: Atari, Commodore 64, ZX Spectrum, DOS & Windows 3.1 files. And CURATED historical retrospective of ANSI/ASCII art packs.


The Vault is being protected by Don Rolo (former SysOp of The Connection BBS #2 during the ‘80s and founder of & Irrompibles video games magazine) and Don Epi (better know as Epimundo in his Youtube channel, he’s devoted to spread wisdom and love about ansi & ascii art & retro video games).

Rodrigo Peláez
Author: Rodrigo Peláez