Location:Sydney, NSW, Australia

So you like to play games?

TQPS is set in an immersive environment with each menu bringing a little life and curiosity to “The Facility”.

From the login screen and even sign-up process you’re exposed to subtle hints that the Facility is a lot bigger than you initially thought so pay close attention to possible clues that might help you to unlock all it’s secrets (There’s a lot of extra content hidden behind puzzles).

NPCs wander the Facility halls and may visit you at random intervals to offer hints and some may lead you stray. Be careful!

Evie, the Facility’s A.I. is capable of performing specific tasks, which may include processing hints, clues and flags.

We have custom games, modules and content with a lot more planned on the road-map for development including the new “World Of TextCraft” game, built for WG3 95/NT.

Come and see why TQPS was Melbourne Metro’s 3rd most popular BBS in the 90’s!

TQPS has a 0 tolerance on abuse, misuse and harassment of players!

Frank Dux
Author: Frank Dux

Sysop of TQPS

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