Onyx BBS

Location:Central, CT, USA

oNyX bBs is dedicated to providing an enhanced retro ANSI BBS experience including:

Door Party, Goldmine and BBSLink Game servers – 100’s of Games!
– Home of Bail Jumper! The new Inter-BBS Adventure Game – coming soon
– Lots of Animation and amazing Graphics by some of the top ANSI artists

– Retro-screensavers like AfterDark’s Flying Toasters, Fishtank, Microsoft’s 3D Pipes and more…
– All the latest and greatest games, including: LORD, Arrowbridge, Legion, Oregon Trail, Darkness and more
– Retro-games including: Zork, The Hitchhikers Guide, Leather Godesses of Phobos and lot’s of others
– C=64/Arcade game ROMs coming soon
– Member of FSXNet, TQWNet, DOVE-Net, GameNet, SFNet & FIDONet networks
– Custom mods including: BBS Lock bot checker, DaWall graphic wall, BBS info, BBS Listr, Inter-BBS mods, NewsFlash!, Bulletins, Today’s Events, Scrollit text scroller, Wordie the word game (hosted by an angry Scottsman), lots more coming all the time…

(be sure to use an ANSI/IBM cp437 capable terminal, such as SyncTERM or NetRunner)

Unlock the door, and experience it for yourself

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