Onyx BBS

Location:Central, CT, USA

oNyX bBs is dedicated to providing an authentic retro ANSI BBS experience including:
(be sure to use an ANSI/IBM cp437 capable terminal)

Door Party, Goldmine and BBSLink Game servers – 200+ Games!
– Home of Bail Jumper! The Inter-BBS Adventure Game
– All the latest and greatest games, including: LORD, Arrowbridge, Legion, Oregon Trail, Darkness and more
– Retro-games including: Zork, The Hitchhikers Guide, Leather Godesses of Phobos and lot’s of others
– C=64/Arcade game ROMs coming soon
– Member of FSXNet, TQWNet, DOVE-Net, GameNet, SFNet (FIDONet coming soon) networks
– Custom mods including: BBS Lock for bot checking, Scrollit text scroller, Wordie the word game (hosted by an angry Scottsman), BBS Listings, lots of animation and many others

Unlock the door, and check it out…

Author: seeLive

Retro-computing aficionado

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This BBS is using a non-standard telnet port (2300), the web telnet script may not work.