Night Owl BBS
Modem: +44-1756-66-44-33 or + 44-020-3422-8439
Software:Premiere BBS
Location:Glasgow , , Scotland
The Night Owl BBS operates in the evenings (GMT 7.30-11pm), running over a little out-with these times quite frequently. As it is a 38 year old Host computer it cannot run 24/7 without risk of disaster at some point.
A Viewdata / Videotex BBS from the UK which runs on original Acorn hardware. The Host is a BBC Master 128 with a 512Mb SCSI hard drive for storage. It operates via TCPser and a Raspberry Pi4 as an emulated modem.
The board offers 3 Message Boards; Sysop Chat & Blog; a Viewdata Art Portrait Gallery and a Classical Composers Gallery; a Retro YouTube channel section; Interview section; a profile and history section of the most popular 1980’s 8 bit machines and a fun adventure game. There are nearly 300 pages of info on the BBS.

A Viewdata / Videotex client is needed to access the graphic capabilities of the BBS. Vintage home computer systems will need a suitable client program that was capable of accessing services like Prestel and Compunet in the 1980’s. There are many client programs still around for these machines. Apple 2, C64, ZX Spectrum, Amiga and all Acorn systems all have their own still available.

Modern client programs are also available on Github, for example


Other clients for PC/ Mac / Linux are available here.
Telstar Viewdata Client – GlassTTY

Web Browser Access:

Dial-up Access:  –  V23 1200 baud, 7E1

+ 44 1756 66 44 33 ( via Telstar Gateway, choose option 6,  from Main Menu)
+ 44 020 3422 8439 (via Cutel Gateway , option 3)
Please note the HTML Term link below will not display correctly as it is not Viewdata Client compatible.
The aforementioned Web Access links will take you instantly to the Login screen..
Brian Martin
Author: Brian Martin

Sysop of the Night Owl BBS

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This BBS is using a non-standard telnet port (6400), the web telnet script may not work.

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