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Location:Central, PA, USA

THe iNSAnE AsYLuM BBs was originally online in the late ’80s and was into the Elite, Underground, Warez BBS system. I decided to bring it back online using synchronet though in the past The Insane Asylum was not using Synchronet back in the 80’s we used a few different BBS Packages over the years, Celerity, Oblivion, Vision/2 Vision-x, and Renegade. The Insane Asylum BBS is now up and running again now using Synchronet. I really like all the work Digitalman and all the others who have put their time into synchronet it’s a great bbs package with so many options. The Insane Asylum Currently has 20 External Door games. We are also now connected Remotely with Valhalla Home Services BBS there Odin’s Maze Game Server and there BBS Tradewars Game Server and we are also connected to the Prisoner’s Game Lounge. You can access all our games and connect to the remote game servers in our external program area once you have registered an account with us and you have been validated after you leave us new user feedback. We over 500 Warez, specifically for BBS SysOps. Fully registered bbs packages, bbs utilities and serials for BBS Packages, BBS Doors BBS Utilities and miscellaneous BBS Serials and cracks. We also carry a huge collection of support files for synchronet Sysops. Modules  Shells, menus and miscellaneous synchronet bbs files. We also have a few dedicated file areas for mods from Edge of Oblivion, Digital Distortion, Demonic Productions. Please feel free to leave me feedback with any errors you may come across or any concerns and suggestions by leaving me local mail on the bbs or the email listed below.

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