Fria Bad BBS
Location:Fria Bad, Helsingborg, Skaune, Sweden

Judas & Dinasours HQ located at Fria Bad Beach in Helsingborg, Sweden. Running on c*base 3.3.9 by Tao with special mods by Kerstin, for example the Ami-X style last callers function and the realtime swim temperature report. All running on a virtual c64 with a virtual 8gb CMD hd with virtual JiffyDos and a virtual modem and virtual com cable. Speeds are 2400-19200baud. Specializing in petscii gfx, fake scene and rare files. Sysop is Jucke and co-sysops are Kerstin, Dino, Sixx, Morphfrog and Frantic. Freedom to use your own language and instead of rules a co-sysop with executioner rights. Welcome!

Jucke Judas
Author: Jucke Judas

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