Digital Distortion
Location:Beaverton, OR, USA

This BBS originally ran from 1994-2000 as a hobby for fun. Now the BBS is back! This BBS features games (Legend of the Red Dragon, TW2002, Land of Devastation, Tournament Trivia, Chain Reaction, Blackjack, and others), files (many 1990s and older BBS-related files as well as some new files), DOVE-Net message boards, and with the Synchronet BBS software, this BBS offers some internet integration (inter-BBS chat, etc.).

Eric Oulashin
Author: Eric Oulashin

I ran Digital Distortion (BBS) originally from 1994-2000 using RemoteAccess, located in northwest Oregon. I started running Digital Distortion again in 2007 using Synchronet and still run it to this day.

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