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Location:Verbena, AL, USA


Dave’s BBS originally started in 1991 running Virtual BBS on an 286 computer with a 2400 baud modem. The system made a few moves and upgrades over the years, and into the Internet age being one of the first sites in south Alabama to offer its users email addresses and UseNet news groups. In its prime, the BBS ran three lines at 57,600 baud, offering many of the popular games and Inter-BBS leagues to its callers.

With the increasing popularity of the Internet, the BBS era was quickly seeing a decline. Finally in 1998, Daves BBS was shut down. The world of computer Bulleting Boards, which was so popular just a few years ago had been thrown to the wayside. Sadly, today’s youth will never experience the thrill that we enjoyed in the old style Bulletin Board systems.

Today, Dave’s BBS is back online as a Telnet-only system. We are running under Mystic BBS software, offering many of the old games and message areas that we ran back in the day. The site is free and open to anyone who wants to visit. Come join the fun and relive the glory days of the BBS world!


You can use your favorite Telnet Client and log in to davesbbs.com  or visit our website at https://www.davesbbs.com

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