Capital Station BBS
Location:Albany, NY, USA

Welcome to Capital Station BBS located in Upstate New York

All are welcomed to connect today, most users are provided with Full Access in less than 24 hours.

What Capital Station BBS offers.

With over 10 gig of files,  I am sure you will find something to enjoy, Racing, Flight, pinball, Star Trek as well as Star Wars games  and those 3D shooters, they are here for your enjoyment.   (have a special request of a group of files you would like to see at CSBBS let me know)

Log on Today and send me a message of your special request.

Full Unlimited Access to Fidonet and everything it has to offer.

Fidonet node 1:267/150

FSX Network  A friendly and warm network making new and regular users feel welcomed.  General chat to discussions about Mystic BBS to chat covering topics of Mystic BBS

FSX Network Node 21:1/101

I also offer local & private messaging that is specific to the Capital Region.

Such as county message areas or ones are covering the Adirondacks. As well as the Lake George Region

Want to see your County or City or Town represented as a message area?

Want to keep in contact with friends and family cross town?

Log in Today

Capital Station BBS

Telnet://  or

Male users are provided with an Unlimited Access security of 50. 

Female users are provided with Unlimited Access security of 52 this means that

Female users have access to Female related content, only they can access.

Live in New York State and want a BBS of your very own?  I am interested in hearing from you.  Sign on today and send me a message.

I would like to have you as a node in the nodelist within Net 267.  The Empire NY Network, just drop me an email.

Gregory Deyss at

Put subject line.  Would like to Join Fidonet. I will get in touch with you.



About your SysOp Gregory Deyss

I have been a SysOp for over 20 years, I am also the Network Coordinator and Fidonet Hub for Net 267 covering the entire state of New York

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