20 For Beers BBS

Location:Portland, OR, USA

A really fun, active and current BBS! We work to bring a new section or feature once a month; you’ll find TONS of retro files and content – from old BBS CD-Roms, current BBS applications and mods, historical BBS applications and mods, ANSI art, legal ROMs and DOS games and more!

We have DoorParty and BBSLink Door Game networks.

Tons of FTNs – fsxNet, SciNet, zer0net, DoveNet, WWiVnet, Fidonet, Weednet.

MRC Multi-Relay Chat system.

Mystic BBS Support on the BBS and other online help – create your own BBS!

You’ve got to checkout 2o fOr beeRS – there is no other BBS quite like it!!

POTS Lines: 415-231-1260 346-385-5665 385-248-5680  (pots/pots for user ID and password)

Find other cool sections of the BBS that aren’t available to all users. Our
File Conferences are HUGE – just ask for access and see what MORE 2o has to
offer! We are the BBS Warez Headquarters!!! Can you get the access?! Ask Mr.

paul lee
Author: paul lee

I'm the sysOp of 2o fOr beeRS, an eccentric and large Mystic bulletin board system . Hustler by trade, hacker for fun and lover of tech!

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