Testing 1, 2, 3….

Hello, is this thing on? (taps microphone).testing123

Wow! What a difference a month makes!

At the end of January 2016, my web host sent me an E-mail telling me that they were retiring the old server that my website was on. Most of the time it wouldn’t have been a problem – except for the fact when they decided to upgrade, the engine that ran the Telnet BBS Guide would no longer be supported!

For a long time, I’ve been wanting to upgrade the Telnet BBS Guide, but did not know exactly how I would want to do it, or how to do it.

This new site is about 6 weeks of hard work, primarily by one individual – Vincent Macaluso, Sysop of Capital Shrill BBS. He has painstakingly worked with me in building this site, pretty much from the ground up using WordPress, a ton of plugins, and a crapton of elbow grease!

Another person who has helped out is Shooter Jennings, Sysop of Bit Sunrise BBS. He made the graphics (well, not the USR modem, that was found on Google Images!). But without the work of these two wonderful people – this site would simply not exist!

So welcome to the new site. I’ll be posting news and updates here as they occur.

It’s been amazing 6+ weeks, and we’re not done yet!

Thanks, and enjoy the ride!


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