Secure Shell – a more secure BBS connection


As time marches on, the Internet is getting to be a scarier place. These days, are you sure you can really trust the connection to a server? Even “surfing” the Internet on your web browser is risky. Do you really want to log on that site and trust it with your user ID and password? Do you think your connection may be compromised and someone can grab your credentials?

Connecting to a BBS has its risks, too. Sure, these risks are small, but they do exist. So if you really feel insecure about connecting to a BBS, some BBSes now offer a service called Secure Shell (SSH). SSH is not new. It’s been around for a few years. It was started so a system admin could remotely access a Unix box via the Internet over a secure channel.

Fast forward a few years. Some BBSes packages now offer connections via SSH. Unix based BBSes (those that are actually Unix shells) can offer SSH to their users. Traditional BBS packages such as Synchronet offer their users a SSH connection.

So for those Sysops who are now are running SSH enabled BBSes, you can now list your SSH BBS listing on the Telnet BBS Guide. For those who are adding a BBS for the first time, make sure you check off the SSH block and enter the SSH address (with the port number) in the SSH block. For those who already have a listing, edit your listing, check the SSH block and add the SSH address (again, with the port number).

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