MagiTerm SSH Client Dialing Directory

As time marches forward, we are becoming more and more security conscious. We are moving away from insecure protocols such as Telnet and moving on to Secure Shell or SSH. Though many BBSes aren’t able to move to SSH, we are now trying to make accessing those who are SSH capable easier.

Starting with the July 2018 issue, we are including a file called “magiterm.txt” in both the monthly and daily text file downloads. This is a dialing directory that can be used with a new program called MagiTerm that is an ANSI capable SSH client for both Windows and Linux. Our “under the engine” developer Vincent has updated the site to produce this file and include it in the text file downloads.

If you wish to try MagiTerm, the web site is:

If you have questions, please let us know. Thanks!

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