Wrong Number ][ BBS

Location:Yorktown Heights, NY, USA

Old School, with a touch of today. Over 300 Doors via game servers, including our own Wrong Number Family Door Server. fsxNet, CommodoreNet, RetroNet, FidoNet, CombatNet Games and Message bases, doREnet, AmigaNet, SciNet, GameNet, to name a few. New in-house Game Server added which holds many registered games, Old School File Base with many older Shareware CD’s. InterBBS File Servers, both from a distance and our own. If you are a sysOp and would like to carry our InterBBS File Server. Log on and leave me feedback or email me at wrgnbr2@gmail.com..


All Wrong Number BBS’ are now available via a Website also. wnbbs.duckdns.org


Author: Bucko

Been a sysOp since 1986 starting off with a C64 Board and now run 6 different boards..

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