Wrong Number ][ BBS

Location:Yorktown Heights, NY, USA

Old School, with a touch of today. Over 300 Doors via game servers, including our own Wrong Number Family Door Server. fsxNet, CommodoreNet, RetroNet, FidoNet,  doREnet, AmigaNet,  GameNet, to name a few. New in-house Game Server added which holds many registered games, Old School File Base with many older Shareware CD’s. InterBBS File Servers, both from a distance and our own. If you are a sysOp and would like to carry our InterBBS File Server. Log on and leave me feedback or email me at wrgnbr2@gmail.com..


All Wrong Number BBS’ are now available via a Website also. wnbbs.duckdns.org


Author: Bucko

Been a sysOp since 1986 starting off with a C64 Board and now run 4 different boards, a File Server and a Door Server..

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