Reign of Fire
Modem: 423-541-8271
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Location:Chattanooga, TN, USA
  • Member of ArakNet and ACIS.
  • Longest active C-Net BBS!
  • AmigaNet, ArakNet, CommodoreNet, FidoNet, PiNet & RetroNet Full Networks.
  • Over 100 new and classic on-line games!
  • BETA tester for C-Net and Dotoran files!
  • Host for Phenom Production Files!


Dial-Up: 423-541-8271

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Author: Spitfire

Reign Of Fire BBS Group Dedicated to C-Net. Running the latest C-Net Amiga Pro, C-Net DS-2 and C-Net 128 bulletin Board Systems. Our first BBS went up in 1991-1993 / 2010-Present Nostalgia HQ C-Net. The oldest Commodore BBS Software still being developed today! Powered by the Commodore Buisness Machine

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