RC-BOX RC2014 based BBS
Software:Micro BBS
Location:Duesseldorf, NRW, Germany

This is probably the first RC2014 based bulletin board system in the world!


RC-BOX” is a classic 1983 “Micro Bulletin Board” system utilizing a RC2014 (Z80 based) computer kit running the “CP/M” operating system and “BYE” communication program to interface with the outside world.


Mirco BBS on RC2014 wating for a call
Mirco BBS on RC2014 wating for a call


On the hardware side a RC2014 with 64KB RAM, RomWBW ROM module, SIO/2 dual-serial module and Wifi module make up a CP/M capable 7 MHz Z80 machine that powers this bulletin board system.

The RC2014 computer kit that is used to run "RC-BOX"
The RC2014 (a Z80 based, modular DIY computer kit) that is used to run “RC-BOX”


You can also access a (restricted) CP/M command line and enjoy a round of “Super Star Trek”:

Enjoy a round of "Super Star Trek" online!
Enjoy a round of “Super Star Trek” online!


Do you want to connect like it’s 1985? Then come, take a look around!

Author: lodger

Author of Contiki BBS for the Commodore 64