Outpost BBS

Location:Limestone, TN, USA

Outpost BBS is the home of Cheepware BBS doors/sysop utilities and the Micronet Information Network using zone 618. There’s something for everyone at the Outpost!   Outpost is a member of Fidonet (1:18/200).  A nice selection of door games and an ever-growing filebase is available with over 11GB of files!

Outpost BBS runs MBSE

You can connect to the Outpost via telnet on port 10123 or the website.  Guest login is available by using “guest” (without quotes) as the username and no password.

Point and full feeds for Fidonet are available for qualified systems.

Author: digimaus

Sysop of Outpost BBS. Author of Cheepware BBS doors and sysop utilities since 1998. Founder and zone coordinator of The Micronet Information Network (zone 618).

Connect to Outpost BBS Now!

This BBS is using a non-standard telnet port (10123), the web telnet script may not work.