Jolly Roger BBS
Location:Cambridge, , United Kingdom

The Jolly Roger BBS is an Acorn based ANSI BBS that caters to many makes of computers.
All users are welcome on the BBS, just enter ‘NEW’ to create a new user account.

The BBS features a Virtual Cafe, an 8-way chat door called ‘Converse’.
It also offers many doors and games to keep you amused online and you can also chat
with the friendly sysop who’s always willing to help and be around to chat.

Connecting to The Jolly Roger BBS is easy! All you need to do is click on the ‘Connect’ button below.

Please note that if you want to upload/download files you will need an ANSI compatible terminal.

Anyone wanting to try it out using an ANSI terminal please use the telnet address of:

Thank you! Hope to see you on the BBS sometime…

Author: sysop

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