Global Chaos BBS
Location:Prittriching, , Germany

The Global Chaos BBS started in the early 90’s with AmiExpress v1.1 – v4.0. In the Mid of the 90’s it changed to PcBoard v15.22/v15.3/v15.4 under OS/2. After closing the BBS for 24 years I started again on Feb 2023 with Wildcat Interactive Server v8.xx and reopen the Global Chaos BBS, now with 50 Nodes Online (more if needed).  Actual a one man show, so a lot ist under contruction.

Main Focus is all about this wonderful thing BBS’ing, (Amiga/Atari/Dos/Windows/OS2/Linux)

Amiga-, DOS, Windows-, OS/2-, Mods/Sounds- and Ansi-Conferences, etc. are filled up soon. Linux and others are planned.

FidoNet, fsxNet,  AmigaNet, AmiNet, WINSnet and more or less other interesting Net’s are available. Others will be available in the near future.

Onlinegames will be installed, too. So it should be a classical BBS… Only a bit bigger.

Have a great day and maybe we meet us at Global Chaos BBS?



Michael Selhof
Author: Michael Selhof

Oldies are Goldies! And grey is the new colour 🙂

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