Genetic-Point BBS
Software:MAX's PRO
Location:Tampere, , Finland

Available on port 500
MAXsNET port 1024

All About Retro

i reboot my old Amiga BBS  from deep sleep (online whit modem 1998-2002)

it born again 2013 with Faster Telnet connection and is now multi node

original system run real Amiga 2000 030/50Mhz no emulation just pure metal !

BBS stay online as long as i live… So if you can’t get connection try again !

CoSysop are Welcome !

Author: Codetsu

6510 generation SysOp From Genetic-Family of 2 BBS Genetic-point (Amiga) Genetic-PET (C64)

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This BBS is using a non-standard telnet port (500), the web telnet script may not work.

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