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Location:West Linn, OR, USA

Door game based BBS, over 200 registered or free games online.  I have a few golden oldies like Esterian Conquest, LORD 1 & 2, BRE, Kannons & Katapults, DoorMud, Falkenpede.  And a few newer ones, Ambroshia, Darkness 2.0, and I just put online For Honour and Galactic Dynasty.  I have many more, come check it out.

I’m adding games all the time.  It’s amazing how many free games there are out there.  It’s getting them to run correctly that is the challenge, and the fun…

I do have FidoNet and DoveNet for your messaging pleasure.

Tim Whitson
Author: Tim Whitson

Sysop of The Fool's Quarter BBS

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