Fool’s Quarter BBS
Location:West Linn, OR, USA

Door game based BBS, over 75 registered or free games online.  I have a few golden oldies like Esterian Conquest, LORD 1 & 2, BRE, Kannons & Katapults, DoorMud, Falkenpede.  And a few newer ones, Ambroshia, Darkness 2.0, and I just put online For Honour and Galactic Dynasty.  I have many more, come check it out.

I run my games off Gamesrv for smooth operation.  Gamesrv and Synchronet are on the same computer, you RLogin from one to the other seemless.  If I didn’t tell you about it you’d never know.

I do have FidoNet and DoveNet for your messaging pleasure.

Tim Whitson
Author: Tim Whitson

Sysop of The Fool's Quarter BBS

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