Final Zone BBS
Location:Memphis, Tennessee, USA

Final Zone BBS is a Bulletin Board System focused on conversation about vintage technology, gaming, and the like with a goal of being a kind of haven away from the typical “noise” of social media – the memes, the emoji, the trends, the flood of meaningless “me too” posts, and all of the “flavor of the week” mess that makes social media almost useless to some of us.  Just communication, with a files area for those who wish to share interesting things, and of course some door games to relax and have fun.

Connection methods include, of course, Telnet and SSH. Additionally,Commodore computer users can connect on ports 64 and 128 for 40 and 80 column PETSCII, respectively. NNTP and even Hotline service are also available, for those who like to do things differently!

Message areas include a large local base, DOVE-Net, and MicroNet.

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The main menu.
Some of the local message sections available.
The logoff prompt.


Kurisu Yamato
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