Diamond Mine Online (Synchronet)

Modem: 540-369-2900
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Location:Fredericksburg, VA, USA

We are the home of The BBS Corner and The Telnet BBS Guide!The Diamond Mine Online has been providing the best in online services since 1993. We have a very large number of active message forums (local, Fidonet, FSXNet, and DOVE-Net), TONS of shareware files including programs, games and utilities for Windows, DOS and OS/2. We also have a VERY large MIDI music file collection. We also have TONS of BBS support files for Synchronet, Virtual BBS/Virtual Advanced BBS, WWIV BBS and many MANY more! Stop by today and see why we are one of the leaders in the online entertainment business! Suggestions for new features are welcome! Our backup telnet address is dmine.ddns.net:24.

New for 2021: We’re back on dial-up! Call us at (540) 369-2900, or use the modem pool and call (540) 370-9140, use “dmine” for both the user ID and password at the prompt.

A full list of phone numbers can be found here: https://ramsaso.com/access-numbers/

Also new for 2021: Check out our new WWIV companion BBS. Going back to the original Diamond Mine BBS from 1993. Visit bbs.dmine.net:2323

Author: diamond45