Cold Fusion BBS
Location:Grand Rapids, MI, USA

you can also call with Telnet/SSL on port 992!

ZOC  supports Telnet/SSL by default. (highly recommended!)
SyncTERM nightly builds also support Telnet/SSL. (Listed as “TelnetS” under Connection Type)
bear in mind nightly builds are meant for testing and might be rough around the edges.

the cold fusion bbs is back! lots of great artwork from all my friends in the ansi art scene, lots of cool games, and lots of message networks! just as you remember it, but not really!

all the old standbys are there: lord, barren realms elite, doormud, and if you love to fish in minecraft (i sure know i do!) you will definitely enjoy freshwater fishing! i don’t even fish in real life!

if it’s missing anything, let me know.. i’ll try to understand why you’d want such a thing!

we also carry the following message networks:

  • fsxNet (21:1/616)
  • FidoNet (1:120/616)
  • DOVE-Net

call now!


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