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Location:Mayflower, AR, USA

In operation until 1996 CIA Amiga BBS was a BBS consisting of mostly Amiga software downloads and message areas. Commodore 8 bit computers were supported also. Now back online after a 22 year hiatus to welcome Amiga and 8 bit Commodore users. FidoNet, AmigaNet, C=Net, tqwNet, fsxNet, VKRadioNet echomail areas.  Please login with your real name to use these areas.  Now running Zeus v1.7 on a real Amiga 1200/030.  Everyone welcome!

Weekly chat every Saturday night at 9 pm CST, come join us.

Author: tlgrooms

Got my first computer in April 1983, a Commodore Vic-20 and converted a basic program i bought for the Commodore 64 (Electric Magazine) to my expanded Vic-20 and started running a BBS later that year. It eventually moved to a Commodore 64, then a 128 and then to my Amiga 1000. When I took it down in 1997 it was running on an Amiga 2000. Decided to put it back up in 2018 and love running the BBS. Always have.

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