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Arcadia BBS
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Location:Putnam, CT, USA

Welcome to ArcadiaBBS, where the past meets the present in a digital realm dedicated to preserving the magic of Bulletin Board Systems (BBS) door games. Our community is built on a foundation of nostalgia, camaraderie, and a passion for classic online gaming.

Registered Doorgames

  • Tradewars 2002 (Gold)
  • Solar Realms Elite
  • Legend of the Red Dragon
  • Lord II: A New World
  • Planets: The Exploration of Space
  • Barren Realms Elite
  • Falcon’s Honor
  • The Arcadian Legends
  • Falcon’s Eye
  • DoorMUD: Land of the Forgotten
  • Additional games by BBS Link

Message & File Networks

  • FidoNet
  • FSXnet
  • Agoranet
  • Dovenet

Programming  Files

Arcadia BBS has many tools available to aspiring programmers.  Several compilers and tools are available for download.  Dozen’s of door driver and BBS door creation toolkits are available for almost every programming language.

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