Another Millennium BBS
Modem: 587-673-1337 / 949-593-1337
Location:Vancouver Island, BC, Canada

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GRAND OPENING April 20th 2024.

There will be cake!


(cake may be a lie)


Modems online:

USR Courier V.Everything: +1.587.67.31337 (Canada)

USR Courier V.Everything: +1.949.59.31337 (USA)


Telnet: port 23


Running Maximus BBS software in MS-DOS for an authentic 90s BBS experience, with local and fsxNet message areas, file areas, and door games including LORD and Buccaneer.

USRstats, “modem stats” option on the main menu, provides information about your dialup modem connection to the BBS including baud rate and protocol information, error count, etc.

Chis Gerlinsky
Author: Chis Gerlinsky

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