Amis XE
Modem: 760-330-2600 (AMISXE/AMISXE)
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Location:Southern , CA, USA

Restored AMIS BBS from MACE 1986 platform. This BBS is a tribute to the Atari BBS community where AMIS, FoReM and basic programming dominated the BBS scene. Telnet and Dial up Dial up 760-330-2600 user id and password: amisxe 80/40 column Ascii and Atari/Atascii

Atascii using MuffinTerm, FujiNet or Atari Terminal Program. SyncTerm use Atari Screen Mode

Author: SouthernAmis

The Southern Amis Projects, restores and preserve Atari BBS history. Rebuilding BBS programs for the Atari 8Bit back to ready-to-use reliability and completeness of documentation, source code and sysop support. All BBS's are run active and shared on upon final user testing and completeness of each version for real-hardware, modem, Fujinet, and Emulators. To-date over 10 BBS's from AMIS, FoReM, ESP, AtariLink, Phonem, NightShift, Hutch BBS,NiteLite, Others have been restored under the project. Southern Amis core bbs is Atascii/Atari Only port 23 and AMIS XE port 9000 for Atascii and Ascii users

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This BBS is using a non-standard telnet port (9000), the web telnet script may not work.