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Location:Raleigh, NC, USA
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aBSiNTHE, the gothic cyberpunk BBS. Amiga for life!

Are you looking for something different? Are you tired of dead boards with old doors? aBSiNTHE is a thriving BBS with a great community and killer NEW features.

  • A *very* active local message board as well as ArakNET
  • A curated, unique, and constantly updated file base
  • A full staff comprised of sysop, cosysop, and three subops
  • Custom Amiga ASCII theme by the sysop aNACHRONiST(1st Place Winner: Evoke 2018 Amiga ASCII Compo, 1st place winner: Linux Journal ASCII cover competition) with an optional unique animation system, avatars, and effects
  • Killer new games such as the exclusive Skyraiders, SkullHack, and more! No old, boring doors
  • Exclusive custom text editor Wormwood with features not seen elsewhere
  • More exclusive, top-quality NEW features and programs than any other BBS
  • World HQ of Darkage and Oftenhide, US HQ of iMPURE!, NC US HQ of Legacy Krew
  • Memberboard of VOiD and Phenom Productions
  • aBSiNTHE Radio, the first and only true BBS/radio hybrid
  • As seen on the “Back to the BBS” documentary and featured in “Textmode Underground”
  • Much More! There is nothing like it anywhere else.

The web terminal here is not compatible with aBSiNTHE and should not be used. Of course, do not use plain telnet, Putty, mTelnet, etc. to connect.


  • PC, Linux, or Mac: Syncterm with “Hide Status Line” set to “YES”
  • Amiga: Term 4.8 with Topaz 1200+ font or regular Topaz 1200

The new user process is excessive and a pain. This will be overhauled shortly. For now, power through it: it’s worth it!


I'm the sysop of aBSiNTHE BBS, the badass Amiga board. I'm a textmode artist with iMPURE, Legacy Krew, and VOiD as well as a BBS programmer with Phenom Productions. I'm host of the Textmode Underground podcast along with Smooth of B7. I love retro computing, programming, gaming, cooking, quality absinthe, acting, drawing text art, and DJing.

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This BBS is using a non-standard telnet port (1940), the web telnet script may not work.