Battlestar Atlantis

Old school BBS running Wildcat 4.20. Door games and message nets including Retronet, Ilink, and gamenet. BBS is expanding weekly. Come visit today

Hobby Line! BBS

Reachable via Telnet or the web at it runs door games galore!

Vortex BBS (2)

Wildcat BBS, since 1996, reloaded couple of times. Fidonet, Amiganet


34 line system, with a few games, plus chat of course. Tradewars 2002 100 line server as well.

Telnet to EMS-BBS.COM port 24 for BBS and Tradewars and other doors

Paladium BBS

Paladium since early 1990’s 50+ Dos based Door Games 10+ 32bit based Doors. Telnet out to other BBS’s. Full access on first call. NEW quick login and registration process. Please visit AvL-SyS our new BBS system with full a e-mail system. ssh, telnet, http, smtp, pop3.

Christ Followers BBS

eOne of the few Christian Based BBSs that is available to the general public, some of the features include Legal PD MP3 straming , Old time radio broadcasts, 10 TBs of storage online.



Manic Modem BBS

Manic Modem BBS; the good old days of BBSing! The BBS was active as a dial-up service from 1993 to 1995. It was closed when the Internet took over the 418 area (Quebec, Canada). The BBS was fully restored in 2004 as a Telnet BBS. It is now reachable at

Wildcat’s Castle BBS

Bulletin, Messages, Files, Door games, chat, and other info. in BBS. BBS info/
bulletin, game scores, comic and photo of any castles in Web page. L.O.R.D.,
WT-LORD, Tradewars 2002 game server, and more. Wildcat! v4, and Synchronet

Online BBS

Please press “Enter” twice or your IP was banned at the login! This ist anti portscanning Tool we have installed.

The Online BBS Starts since 1991. We have a lot of Online Games for you. A Big Amiga Corner and many more.

Missing Links

The BBS was founded in the late 90’s and originally run under CNet/Amiga primarily as a chat system with multiple nodes. Later after the main SysOp started working for Mustang Software, the software was switched over to Wildcat! 5. It is the home of wcConference and wcNNTP software.


MMN is an online BBS running in Toronto since 1996, just before the internet  became massive, we currently offer free email, USENET, file downloads and  external IRC, FTP and Telnet to our verified users.


BCR Games Server

The BCR Games Server, or the Black Country Rock Games Server, is the home to all the custom games designed by Black Country Rock, Shooter Jennings & Bit Sunrise BBS.

The server is setup on a dedicated 300mbps internet stream and a dedicated Windows 7 machine running 24/7.

Games so far include:
1. From Here to Eternity – Pop Culture Fantasy Adventure

2. Freedom Train – Future Fantasy Fiction

3. Leviathan – Kill the beast, boost your Freedom Train cash!

Connect to your BBS by making a telnet link to port 31337.

Doc’s Place Online

Doc’s Place is one of the longest running BBSes in the USA. It is primaraly a Fidonet messaging system. Members can download/upload QWK mail packets via web browser. Just want to look around? Use the username and password Guest to look around without registering.

Wizard’s Rainbow

Formerly Bit Sunrise BBS, Wizard’s Rainbow has been online since 2014. We provide a unique experience with an completely original BBS format complete with custom BCR games & chances to win real prizes! We also host a large, original file base online, active caller base and multiple message networks.




Wildcat! 4 board running on a IBM PS/2 Model 70, 30MB of roaring HDD space for all your file transfer needs! Set up as a hobby system and decided to run it 24/7 in this capacity.


100+ ANSI Games, 60+ HTML/JAVA Games. Large File base (DOS thru WINDOWS 10) including WILDCAT 4 & WILDCAT 5 (WINSERVER) applications. NETWORKS: FIDONET, ILINK, SSINET, and NEWSGROUPS. Outbound TELNET/FTP/IRC, QWK/REP Packets via HTTP, Ping, Lookup, TraceRoute, Finger, Whois Utilities via TELNET. Connections available via WWW, Telnet, FTP, NNTP, POP3. Telnet via Internet browser. Home of the ILink message network. FULL ACCESS on FIRST CALL. Serving the BBS community since 1990.

Santronics Software

Santronics Software is the new home for Wildcat! Interactive Net Server (WIN Server) for Windows 95/98/NT, purchasing it from Mustang in 1998.