Physics BBS

Still running Renegade. Home of MetroNet (inherited from Titantic BBS), ZeroNet, Scinet, and Micronet.

Studio Underground BBS

Running Renegade and preserved from 1991, the BBS was frozen in time and now reborn like a Pheonix with preserved users, posts and is being worked on daily.

DarkAges BBS (1)

Dark Ages BBS a multi-node BBS from 1994 to December 1999, we moved from the Blanchard area to a remote unknown location 🙂 It was of the few multi-node BBSes in Oklahoma City. There were only 2 others and they were pay BBSes. In 1996 we started

Dark Realms

Since 1994, Darkrealms has served as an on-line roleplaying community for the Greater Toronto Area and is one of the worlds largest Renegade BBS’s still remaining. LORD, TradeWars 2002, Usurper, and more. Full Fidonet backbone and thousands of Usenet groups on-line, as well as Internet Email.