Terran Empire

This is a Mirror Universe BBS to “The Enterprise” Terran Empire does NOT run on Commodore hardware, but does support it’s users.. Terran Empire is ANSI graphics, so fire up your C128, Amiga, or Syncterm or whatever else that gets ANSI.

Spot BBS

SPOT BBS is back after 30 years off line!

Originally an OPUS system running on a Columbia VP-1600 hotrodded with a V40 processor, high memory RAM disk, a monstrous 20MB Hard Drive and a Courier 9600 HST Modem, the modern SPOT is on a MintBox Linux Mint 20.1 fanless PC running Mystic v1.12.

Access is Telnet port 1123, ssh port 1122 and http port 8888

MysticBBS has been minimalized by cr1mson at KANSIT.com to meet the streamlined feel of the original SPOT BBS Opus board.

Login with your Amateur Radio (Ham) call sign or leave the Sysop a note, and you will upgraded above regular user access.



Blog: http://k9zw.wordpress.com

Error 404 BBS File Server

Another companion BBS for Sysops to add to their BBSes from the Sysop Solaris family . Sysop will need to contact me to get linked but all are welcome . If your a sysop and want to add a large file area to your BBS Email me at SysopSolaris@gmail.com

Error 404 BBS Phone Book

BBS Phone Book is a companion BBS for Sysops to add content to their boards. Users can also direct connect via Error404BBS.DDns.Net:419

Pot O’Gold BBS

I’m resurrecting my BBS from back in the early 90’s. I’m going to focus on getting more door games and get Fidonet running as well.

StealthWorld BBS

On my personal BBS homespace you can download my music I wrote over a period of 25 years. You can also find music made by other BBS’ers (hey Nuke!), read BBC news channels, scramble your Rubik’s magic Cube, listen to DJ mixes and much more.

Come on over and chat live with fellow BBS’ers, drop some messages, play good old doorgames on BBSlink or just be witty and leave a great oneliner for us all to enjoy!

Or visit my Gopher space online at:

Hope to see you around!



Al’s Geek Lab BBS

The author of the popular YouTube documentary “Back to the BBS” now has a complimentary BBS. It features curated retro-computing content, MRC Inter-BBS chat, some great message networks (fsxNet and tqwNet) and some great extra add-on mods. Work is being made on it all the time, so come on down and get “Back to the BBS!”

Cold Fusion BBS

you can also call with Telnet/SSL on port 992!

ZOC  supports Telnet/SSL by default. (highly recommended!)
SyncTERM nightly builds also support Telnet/SSL. (Listed as “TelnetS” under Connection Type)
bear in mind nightly builds are meant for testing and might be rough around the edges.

cold fusion is back after a (rather long) hiatus! lots of great artwork from all my friends in the ansi art scene, lots of cool games, message networks, and hopefully, lots of new (or returning) users!

all the old standbys are there: lord, barren realms elite, doormud, and if you love to fish in minecraft (i sure know i do!) you will definitely enjoy freshwater fishing! i don’t even fish in real life!

we also carry the following message networks:

  • fsxNet (21:1/616)
  • FidoNet (1:120/616)
  • DOVE-Net

call now!

here’s a pic of the bbs with it’s co-sysop seymour: