Wicked Garden BBS

This BBS is step up to so the Sysop can relive his youth calling up local BBS around the area. FsxNet and more nets to come.

Red Mud BBS

Some messages Some files, (DOS, Amiga (working on my all the time…), BBS Doors, and BBS’s (my choice)) Some doors on BBSLink and soon to be on DoorConnector, and about 15ish that I run here…(none I wrote 🙁 )

Cybersteampunk BBS

Definition of cyber : of, relating to, or involving computers or computer networks (such as the Internet). Definition of steampunk : science fiction dealing with 19th-century societies dominated by historical or imagined steam-powered technology.

I used to run BBS in the late 1980th but this is my first BBS on a RPi, it will be fun, work in progress 🙂

SysOp M1ll3r


Welcome to the XM Core! We’re glad to see you enjoy the best in digital warez. We’re striving to achieve as much of the modern demo, retro computing, and maker scene related material as possible.

Vortex BBS

An oldschool board from the 1997 art scene in the 864 area. Totally art’d out and modded. Original in-house developed apps. Unique BBS experience, classic and modern..


Attempted running my BBS on a new Raspberry Pi Zero W…but being a Linux noob and not currently able to figure out several issues with connecting…went back to Windows 7. Currently…am a member of fsxNet/WWIVNet/SciNet/FidoNet/MicroNet/VKRadio/Door Party.

Since going back to Windows 7 from Raspbian on the Pi Zero…all of my doors are running in Door Party and Quazar’s Game Server. This allows me to be able to have almost 200 doors from old DOS text adventures to common BBS standards from TW2002 and my favorite…Bordelo without spending time attempting to get DOS x86 doors working and most/all of them being registered.