Another F-ing BBS

Another F-ing BBS is back again. Dedicated to the preservation of old computers and software.

Mystic Hamradio

Dedicated to ham radio

Node !!

send me an email to

request a node number synchronization with all packet bulletins
ax25 radio

Flower BBS WA

This BBS is for any one who likes love and peace and stuff you don’t have to pay for. BBS

The BBS is an experimental BBS to demonstrate the BBS world. Started on 2019 for curiosity reasons. As an internet alternative, dial-up is also enabled, but call number will be available upon request only. Contact information can be found at Feel free to register and explore it! BBS BBS is a hobby project I’ve started. It is one of the only BBS servers running in Romania.

Mystic Dungeon BBS

telnet 1666

Set your terminal for black background, 80×25, and UTF-8.

Mystic Dungeon doorgame: The main attraction, my own roguelike RPG.
– Additional doorgames going in as I write them or adapt them.
– Message boards will be focused on game development and tabletop RPGs; mainly supporting my own, but others are welcome.
– As the name suggests, running on Mystic, themed for my old Atari BBS, The Dungeon, from the ’80s & early ’90s.
– Patreon memberships are available, but there will never be pay-to-win.

Main Menu:


The Rock BBS III

Revisit ‘The ROCK’ at this, the third version of the popular Ballistic Labs Software Bulletin Board.

First opened in 1992 as ‘The ROCK bbs’ in Alamogordo, New Mexico The ROCK served as the primary support center for Ballistic Labs Software, a company started by the SysOp, Michael Batts to provide door authors, SysOps and users alike with quality games and programming tools.  With little call for bbs game programming today the board exists primarily as a retirement project for the SysOp and for the amusement of anyone looking to investigate or relive the joys of the era of the BBS.

Stop in and say hello and maybe play a game or two!


Queen’s Kingdom BBS

This BBS is dedicated to the incredible sound of the group of rock and roll gods known as Queen! As they are the best of the best from the 1970s and 80s, it is only right to pay tribute to them with this board. We have file areas dedicated to all kinds of media related to Queen’s songs. Please call in for a wonderful time. We are always open to suggestions for new features! **DIAL-UP TEMPORARILY DOWN DUE TO FAILED MODEM**

Mystic Island BBS

A new Mystic BBS looking to grow and sync up with other BBS/Sysops/users in the active community. Primarily focused on DOOR games but looking to expand with large message groups, etc. Hosting custom Myst Productions DOOR games developed but never released with potential to add more.

Neo-Vintage BBS

A Bulletin Board and file repository dedicated to retrocomputing and homebrew computers

FishingNET BBS

Now Open!

“Saving Souls From Hell” “The Scene’s Premier Christian Bulletin Board System”
Various Echonets Online, Gaming Servers Connected, and Excellent File Selection
16 TB Anonymous Archivers File Distro Network Connected
100 Mbit Bi-Directional
12 GB RAM GNU/Ubuntu Linux, 64-bit

A PHATstar Production (telnet)

Flaming Telepaths

Resurrected from it’s successful dialup days, Flaming Telepaths has begun moving forward again. Instant access to over 50 doors, thousands of old BBS doors & utilities in the file bases, and the retro feel of the simplicity that a BBS should be (and no, we don’t mean we kept the default setup!) Finally converted everything over to 4 nodes (it took a while).

Freeside BBS

Hey everyone,

We were down for a few weeks due to to a major SD card SNAFU. But we are back now
and rebuilding at a furious pace.

Also planning to flesh out the filez section soon with several gigs of comicsand old
magazines from the past. Which ones? Well you will have to check in and see won’t you?

See you there!




Running Mystic BBS (Linux64) on a Linode. We have many card game doors, DoorMud – The land of the forgotten. Legend of the Red Dragon.  Pimp Wars.


Central Ontario Remote

A small local Bulletin Board System with not a lot of fancy graphics. I put it up a couple of years ago to remember my old BBS back in the late 1980’s. Many message areas, lots of files, and connected to the BBSLINK games network

Sonic BBS

Message areas and networks. The home of chatnet – Online chat networks

Ballon BBS

I have been in Japan for a long time.
Therefore, my talk partner is only Japanese people and I do not speak in English very often.
On the other hand, my English communication at SNS has increased.
I opened a BBS to strengthen my English.

By the way … Do you like balloons?

Bottomless Abyss BBS


See for up to date information.
Account can be created securely from the website.

* Many networks and active doors
* Great focus on privacy
* BBS home of Hackfest, Defcon613 and The StarGate Complex CTF challenge
* IT Security training material
* Provider of up-to-the-minute Hacking news on ArakNet
* Phenom Member board
* Free access but manual account validation required
* Serious users only
* No need to provide real info but if you choose to provide a fake id, please
  be creative.
* Accounts that shows no efforts during creation are flagged BOGUS on the spot.

From December 19th 2018 to January 18 2019, the BBS was running it's Discovery
Contest. Create an account and connect regularly to keep yourself updated on
the events.

Here is the final ranking after contest. The feedback was awesome, keep an eye
out for the next one.

The BBS is also hosting the weekly Meetup In The Abyss on Wednesdays at 9PM EST.
It's the perfect time to connect and chat with other users and SysOps from many
other BBSes.



Chinwag BBS reliving BBSing from the 90’s.