Wrong Number IV BBS

One of only 2 Image BBS v3.0 BBS’ this BBS is the update to Image BBS v2.0 which was released in December of 2018. 3.0 is what 2.0 should have been. A word of warning though, this BBS is a ALPHA test BBS, and with that you may experience errors or problems. Please call anyway and help us test and get this BBS software to where it can and will be..

Wrong Number V BBS

The Wrong Number V BBS is a Wrong Number Family presentation. It is the final piece of the Family. Running Image BBS v1.2b. This BBS was the final incarnation of The Wrong # ][ BBS back in 1993, it is now running on a Ultimate 64 with Swiftlink and a uIEC/SD card with a 32 gig SD card. It contains everything the original Wrong # ][ did but now up to date.. Come by and check us out!

Wrong Number ][ V1.2b

The 2016 reincarnation of Bucko’s Wrong Number ][ BBS last run in 1994. Now running at 19.2K Baud, 4.1Gb Thunderdrive, Commodore 64C, FD2K Firedrive, SD2IEC. Networked message boards, Games, C/G Movies, Text files and a large UD library.


Running at 20MHz Turbo mode on SuperCPU64 and CMD RAMLink. SDrive 1564 (x2). Networked message boards. Standard Commodore and .d64 downloads.

System One BBS

Running Image 1.2B Enhanced on a Commodore 64 using an uIEC/SD card device and a Link232 device. Subboards, Games, Downloads and more!


Commodore Image 3

This up-to-date version of my other two boards is where the preferred place to call for engaging in current conversations taking place over our network. Running on a Super-SX64 and two Rear Admiral ThunderDrives, CI3 offers a huge UD library of games, utilities, SID music and primary support for Image BBS systems.

Commodore Image 2

A nostalgic look at the BBS of old. Contains archived messages from the 1991 era. U/D’s, Message bases, online games, movies and text files available. Running on a Rear Admiral Hyperdrive at 19.2k baud.

Commodore Image

An original Image BBS! This BBS is the original support BBS for Image BBS for the Commodore 64 and 128..