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Just a small personal BBS where I mess around and explore some BBS stuff at. Feel free to hang out! I might be in MRC at times. Also available with a web terminal: https://bbs.hyena.network


To register a new account using ssh, try connecting using the username “new”: $ ssh new@bbs.hyena.network

Westwood BBS II

Focus areas: MAME, DOS , Coleco, Commodore and Atari emulation. Additionally, Flight simulation. BBS is fresh out of the gate and looking forward to suggestions for growth area. fsxNET, Retronet and Metronet member; DOORs games via BBS-Link and DoorParty. Multiple themes for user environment.



X  i  b  a  l  b  a

(“shee-bal-ba” — the place of fear)

The official ENiGMA½ BBS software WHQ!


The board is evolving constantly with mods, art, and additional features via ENiGMA½ BBS software updates on a daily basis!

  • Connected to BBSLink / DoorParty! / BCR / Exodus door servers + local registered doors
  • fsxNet / RetroNet / SpookNet + local message bases
  • Blocktronics / iMPURE  / other ANSi/ASCii artscene pack hosting
  • Large file base with retro DOS games, retro magazines & books, article archive, horror comics, and more! 400+ gigs with web downloads!
  • Telnet bridge to other systems
  • The latest ENiGMA½ updates and news
  • More!

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Connect now over secure WebSockets (https://xibalba.l33t.codes/)